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There is a lot of talk about the White Council. Who is on the White Council, and what do they do? Which one of Tolkien's books did he mention the White Council in?
The White Council was a meeting of people (Wise ones) who discussed the state of events in Middle-earth and what to do about Sauron. Sometimes they even do things - like their movement against Dol Guldur in 2941. Off the top of my head I can name Galadriel, Saruman, and Gandalf as members (and almost certainly Elrond, though I don't recall if he's explicitly mentioned). I don't know if Radagast was on it. The White Council met rather infrequently.

There is a brief allusion to it in [i:1lt6bnyg]The Hobbit[/i:1lt6bnyg] (Gandalf goes to a meeting of it) and a few in LOTR. There are also mentions in the Appendices to LOTR and in [i:1lt6bnyg]Unfinished Tales[/i:1lt6bnyg].
Does anyone know where the White Council (the one mentioned in TH) was held? If it isn't known but it's still in the movie (I hope not!) where should it be?

I'm not sure where it was held. I've heard Lothlorien but while that would make sense as a staging ground before moving against Dol Guldur I am not aware of any conclusive textual evidence for this (though that doesn't mean that none exists). We know from [i:lc5ikwbf]The Hobbit[/i:lc5ikwbf], Queer Lodgings that Gandalf had "pressing business away south", so I would assume that the meeting was held in either Lothlorien or Isengard given the (presumed) membership. Imladris was on too similar a latitude to be "away south", I think.

I believe Galadriel called the first White Council so that at least was presumably held in Lorien and Lorien was well-protected because of Nenya, so I think a decent case could be made that it would be the chosen location. However, I can't really think of anything conclusive.
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