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Thread: Which of the SIX LOTR books did you most enjoy reading?

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There are two books written in each of the three texts, which did you most enjoy reading and why?

Mine would have to be Book 2 because of the unity of the nine in the Fellowship and the apprehension that Frodo might not be safe from Gollum for much longer. Although having said that Book 5 is quite exciting because it’s so far into the story and so near to the conclusion.

Book 1. Begins with a Long expected Party and ends with Flight to the Ford.
Book 2. Begins with Many Meetings and ends with The Breaking of the Fellowship.
Book 3. Begins with The Departure of Boromir and ends with The Palant’r.
Book 4. Begins with The Taming of Sm’agol and ends with The choices of Master Samwise.
Book 5. Begins with Minas Tirith and ends with The Black Gate Opens.
Book 6. Begins with The Tower of Cirith Ungol and ends with The Grey Havens.

To save you guys going back through the books. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />

[b:3l32d75o]J Dwarf[/b:3l32d75o]
I may be biased since I have read these two more than any of the others, but I really like Book I and Book V. Book I is quite possibly my all-around favourite because of the Shire (I absolutely love the first five chapters: in the Shire and Buckland), though a recent re-reading of that book reminded me just how cool the scenes in Eriador are. I also really like Bree and the Prancing Pony, and the Old Forest/Barrow-downs sequence is pretty good, too.

Book V has the Gondorians, and I am a total Numenorean fanboy. :mrgreen: It also has the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, and I like big battles. Those two factors make it either number two or tied for number one, I'm not really sure. Though I also like Book III in Rohan.

In short: it's hard for me to choose. :lol:
Book One and Two. I'll opt for Book One. After Moria the story mostly leaves all vestiges of [i:x54ptyxz]The Hobbit [/i:x54ptyxz]behind! I've read up to Lothlorien many times - from Moria onward, much fewer times! Ah! Why didn't he keep it as the [i:x54ptyxz]New [/i:x54ptyxz]Hobbit? (I could really use that 'sigh' smiley just now!)
Funnily enough I do the same thing Odo :roll: .

For me this is one thats changed over the years. When I first read LoTR as a young teenager I loved books 1 and 2. I found book 4 in particular to be a bit of a dull chore, too much scrabbling round in rocky gullies!
But as an (ahem) maturer person I find I love books 5 and 6 as I've become a bit of a politics bore in the intervening years and so I really enjoy all the Denethor stuff. And the first time I got to Scouring of the Shire was like being kicked somewhere personnal really hard, such a sicking feeling to return to the safe, comfortable Shire to find it ruined. Now thats powerful writing.

My favorites were book 3 and 6, I liked book five also but a lot of it was fairly boring

Now see here you lot, you are much needed on the other place. You are missed. Please go home, please.

I like book one, it sets the stage and evokes the feeling that will carry one through the rest.

Book two I would have to say as it deals with the introduction to the timeless and beautiful Lorien.  For me its Tolkien's most lush and descriptive text, with a touch of oddness which I truly adore.