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Thread: Lord of the Short Fat Hairy caucasians

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about 6 years ago there was a parody on the opening sequence of FOTR with galadriel talking and it was called "The Lord of the Short Fat Hairy Caucasians." it was the single best lotr parody of all time, and was on this guy's site called (which doesn't exist anymore). if anybody has ever seen this and knows if we can still watch it somewhere, let us know!!!!
Welcome to the forum Rossi1711 :mrgreen: . I haven't seen the parody of which you speak :? . But will keep an eye out for it. I'll give other forum-dwellers a chance to respond for a day or so, but then I will probably merge this thread into the Parodies and Satires thread.

Welcome! :mrgreen: I've never seen this, but I did some googling ... and got back a grand total of three results, two of which were from the same site. I don't know how, but it's as if it disappeared from the web entirely. :?