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Ive just been surfing the internet and i found this crappy little website with all these little people saying what they thought of lotr one girl said:
[quote:3p1asodg]Look at it this way, I've only just started reading LOTR and have been a massive fan of HP for years. Both books are classics! And the movies are just as good!
Francesca, 12, Catford[/quote:3p1asodg]
Anyone else think that all people whothink that harry potter is a classic should die??
just interested...
Who are you and what is your problem?
This is a relatively peaceful forum that talks about other series as well in reverence. The only people who actually fight are the Odos. :roll:
I just don't get this sort of thing. I personally don't rate the Harry Potter books but if I was to suddenly desire to declare this fact I would hope to do so with some sound arguments and attempts to justify my position. Thats why we all come to forums, the debate, the interaction. Not sure the debating pleasure to be had in a statement like, "all people who think HP is a classic should die."

Although having said that I'm sure GB (wherever the bearded one has got to) could easily provide a lengthy discourse on the type of thinking and social conditioning behind the desie to make such a statement. <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
Speaking of GB, he seems to have disappeared lately. :? I hope he's just busy with work or something and comes back soon.

EDIT: I just checked and he hasn't been on since the 19th... :|
Mysterious and mysteriouser! I might email Old Beard, I think.

As to BilboII's comments: maybe the bonny lad was just suggesting that HP fans are kind of 'dead inside' [i:icivbfny]imaginatively [/i:icivbfny]speaking. Though this Forum seems a strange place to vent one's anger about HP?

Btw: Any girl with a nice name like [i:icivbfny]Francesca [/i:icivbfny]can't surely be killed just because she likes HP (however delusional she may be)! There are worse crimes, you know. (Personally, I'd kill PJ first... :twisted: )

... Oh yes, and Tin: it's Wise Odo who started all the nastiness. I hope you don't think it was [i:icivbfny]me [/i:icivbfny]who picked a fight with[i:icivbfny] him[/i:icivbfny]? Surely I have a right to defend myself from his scurrilous attacks... :|
I do so hope its just busy life syndrome and nothing to worry about. I do miss GB- who else could look after us bunch?
I emailed him. I'm guessing he's just gone off somewhere, though his Mum has not been well in recent times. Hope all is okay.
Well, there aren't any christian holidays to look out for... I would know!!!! :roll: :lol: :mrgreen:
Can the definition of classics be opinionated? interesting. imo, harry potter is not a classic! lol.

Gandalf's Beard comes and goes as he pleases. He's a wizard's beard you know lol.
And a wizard's beard is NEVER late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.
Indeed I do Tinuviel and Bargolwash. :mrgreen:

And in the nick of time it seems. Harry Potter is indeed a "Classic" in the making. Classics tap into a deep cultural vein, become ICONIC and withstand the test of time. Decades from now Harry Potter will be in the ranks of Narnia and Middle Earth while other series, good as they are, will become more obscure.


I just wandered into this thread, I feel an intruder. Having so many new people here is rather overwhelming to me, I sort of feel both lost and excited.

I hope the person you are missing is alright and let's you know it. And, Tinuviel, that is so true about wizards. I just love that .

I'm sorry you feel like an outsider on your own forum, Leelee, but if it makes you feel any better, it's been pretty awkward for me too. :P I appreciate your well wishes, and thank you, but actually GB is just our nickname for Gandalfs Beard, who returned some time ago and actually posted in this thread. Smile Smilie

Thank you Leelee. It's a pleasure to meet you


Oh Eldorian and Tinuviel, how kind and gentle you both sound, a comforting thing to an elf. I feel much

better already, and I am so glad your dear friend is back. It had me worried. When our late and much beloved and missed Grondmaster went missing we were all so worried and now he has passed over the water and is resting under a swiftly rising sun. So I am glad for you.