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Some earlier posts got me interested in the House Of Tom Bombadil again. I re read it and have now changed my mind regarding two of the most interesting characters in the LOTR's. I now firmly believe that Tom was a Maia, possibly of Yavanna's kindred, who by his own wishes (as with Melian) became enamered with the mortal lands and in his case with all that grows from the very small unseen things through to the trees like towers in the forests. There are so many similarities between the descriptions of Yavanna in the Sil and with Tom's own description of who & what he is and Golderry's explaination of who Tom is. I know that others will have other thoughts on this, however it simply smacked me in the face while re reading. Goldberry on the other hand we know is "the river daughter" as Ulmo pulses through ME in all rivers, streams and fountains, does this mean that he possibly could be Goldberries Father? She does seem to be able to control the rain on her "Washing Days" If so, who is her Mother? An Elf, a Human, another Maia? Im interested in your thoughts....

If you like Brego you can read an indepth interesting explanation , goiing to google, then write bromwell elementary school, the true story of tom bombadil. It was quite good really.

Thanks Lee Lee Ill check it out.

Leelee I tried to find the site as you mentioned a while ago. I can't seem to find anything. I'm still interested in this if you could help?