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It's great it's bigger longer and uncut! it's a great part. it's my favorite part of the book!

I hope the movie will be as good as the book and on the DVD they said it would more spectecular then the first movie and there would be more great special effects etc etc
Hi Angieb, and welcome to the forum. Smile Smilie
I assume from your post that when you say you have read Lord of the Rings, what you have actually read is the first book, namely The Fellowship of the Ring. Lord of the Rings is actually a trilogy, the second part being The Two Towers and the final book being The Return of the King.
The three parts are supposed to be read as a whole, and I imagine for you the ending must have seemed a little sad/strange. Two Towers obviously picks up where the FOTR left off, and is just as good as the first book. I envy you in a way because you are yet to discover what happens. Unless you've a very poor memory, that feeling of anticipation only happens on the first reading. I won't bother saying, "hope you enjoy it," because I know you will.
Welcome to the forum, Angie.
Unless you've a very poor memory, that feeling of anticipation only happens on the first reading.

That's the only part of this aging process in which I find an advantage. Everytime I read LOTR, I relive the anticipation. The Two Towers was my favorite of the trilogy and was really a cliffhanger. However, ROTK really brought the tears to my eyes! Very Sad Smilie
You are in for a fantastic experience, Angie!

Yes, Angieb you have yet the enjoyment of finishing the journey. Smile Smilie

I remember I had to wait two weeks before I could get somewhere to buy TTT and ROTK, after finishing The Hobbit and FOTR. And not knowing anyone who had ever heard of Tolkien back in 1967, waiting to find the solution to the cliff-hanger was unbearable. Shaking Head Smilie
*shudder* Can't imagine that, Grondy. Must be hard.

Like everyone else's said, Angieb, welcome and enjoy the read! Smoke Smilie
I think for starters it's best to actually start with FOTR, then read TTT and then you might go on with ROTK. Animated Wink Smilie I think the best book is still TTT.

FOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
TTT: The Two Towers
ROTK: Return of the King
i think FOTR;TTT;ROTK.FOTR is the my opinion.
Welcome,A!The books are way better than the films,and it's really worth reading them(what am i saying here?it's essential to read them),trust us,you wown't be dissapointed!

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Perhaps it's because I have the three in one volume and that each time I've read it, I read all the way through, cover to cover- but I don't think I can seperate the three. To me, it's all one book.

If you mean which book is the most exciting, surely it must be RotK since that is the climax of the story. But all three have their ups and downs. There's Moria and the battle at Parth Galen (is that what it's called, or isn't it officially named?) as well as the Old Forest and the Barrow Downs in FotR; the assault on Isengard and the Battle of Helms Deep in TTT; The Paths of the Dead, the Battle of Pellenor Fields, the destruction of the One Ring and the Battle of Bywater in RotK.

There's too much that's too exciting throughout all three books to be able to pick just one. Of course, that's just me- habitually indecisive!
Shelob! dont 4 get Shelob and Gollum in TTT! they make the book 10 times more xcitin than it would b w/out em. poor Gollum; hes so misunderstood... Sad Smilie
Of course, Shelob! I was sooo disappointed to hear she had moved to RotK for the films. I can't wait to see how she looks.
WAT!?????????????? Shelob isnt gonna be in the movies til RotK!?????????????? That messes everythin up! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

[Edited on 13/11/2002 by Meia] didn't know? Ooops...sorry to break it to you like that.

I think the concensus is that PJ moved Shelob to RotK because he didn't want people to have to go a whole year thinking Frodo was dead.

TTT will probably end with the hint of Shelob. You'll know something menacing is lurking but you won't get to see her until early in RotK. That's just a guess of course.
every1 who hasnt read the books think that Gandalf is dead! y didnt PJ just move the Balrog in2 TTT!? wat is wrong w/ him!???????
of course a lot of pple were sayin that JarJar wuz gonna die in Ep.2 and that there would b a bunch of clones of Darth Maul. mayb its not true.
But you're supposed to believe Gandalf is dead until you get to "The White Rider" and then you get a happy surprise and shock when he comes back. Of course, it would be a bigger and better surprise if they HADN'T put Gandalf in the trailer! DOH!
I knew he wasn't dead beacause I had seen that old cartoon movieversion of lotr but still.. how could they put him in the trailer!! A rotten thing to do! The trailer on the dvd just shows a white person riding (i think). If I hadn't known Gandalf would be white too I'd think it was Saruman. I guess they felt sir Ian had to be on the poster?
Yup that really spoils it all. So Angry Smilie

TTT will probably end with the hint of Shelob. You'll know something menacing is lurking but you won't get to see her until early in RotK. That's just a guess of course.

With you here Prog. Think you're right. Sounds like PJ to me.
Gandalf not returning would probably suck. It's always a nice thing to have the hot-tempered man again.
I just thought it would have been a better ending for the TTT movie if PJ would have ended it like the was a cool cliffhanger ending cuz remember that Sam finds out that Frodo is still alive since Shelob only poisoned him...I hope Sam's battle with Shelob is amazing on ROTK!
I agree Lucien. Happy Elf Smilie However, maybe PJ felt he needed to incorporate the seven missing chapters (four from Book III and three from Book IV to fill-up the movie LotR: RotK because he is going to scratch chapters 2 and 3 of Book V and chapters 6, 7, and 8 of Book VI or at least give them very short shrift. Orc Sad Smilie

NOTE: The above prognostication is only my personal guess and should be taken with a grain of salt. Elf Winking Smilie

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That's true...I just thought Shelob was going to be in the movie...I mean I found out several months ago that she wasn't and I was very interested to see how the movie would end. I guess we are all hoping that PJ does his best with the Return Of The King. All the cast members are saying that it's going to be the best. Hmmm I wonder what Christopher Lee has to say about it.
I too have the 3-1 set so I just read it all the way through. I never really think of it as three books, just part 1,2,3. Even though I see them seperated as books all the time. The Two Towers is my favorite book and I thought it would be same with the movie, but no... I like the FOTR
best! But, then... I havn't seen ROTK! I thought PJ left out to much important stuff in TTT movie version. Still liked it though. Smile Smilie