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Thread: Missing Chapters of LotR?

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If only the Proff was an Elf he could have written forever and we would possibly know all.  But alas Azaghal its not to be and God help anyone who tries to fill in the gaps......... Unless its CT and even he gets a flogging occasionally on here.

Recently there was some Jackson fan 'backlash' against Christopher Tolkien for his negative statement about the films (from an interview published in a French newspaper).

Before that there was the false story that he disowned his own son because of the films, and before that some even seemed to believe the idea that he kept wild boars at his home in defense of fans.

But the criticism goes back well before the films. There had been a lot of speculation about the construction of the 1977 Silmarillion, and even now, as The History of Middle-Earth provides a(n) (incomplete) 'base' with which to criticize the constructed Silmarillion... well some have been taking up that task, and it's not all favorable.

In a sense Christopher Tolkien can't win, and he surely knows it -- he has been criticized for both not taking up the mantle of 'writer' in greater measure, and for overstepping the bounds of an editor [or taking up the mantle of writer 'too much' according to some] -- which I think makes his dedication to his father and his father's work all the more amazing.

Christopher Tolkien braves the darts from all sides in relative silence (he did reply to the 'disown his own son' story with a public statement however), and Tolkien lovers reap the benefits of his work.

lol!  what a surprise!  Hi Galin.

Well said, Galin.  That tends to happen.

Thanks Marghana. And with respect to the thread in general...

... while I can certainly think of things I would have liked Tolkien to write or finish, I'm not sure the story of the Hobbits in the Undying Lands is one of them. I like the way Tolkien handled the end of his tale -- not that anyone has said he or she doesn't like it -- I just mean I wouldn't necessarily want a tale about what happened Oversea later, even as a separate account.

There is an Epilogue: Tolkien wrote two versions, plus the King's Letter (Aragorn being the King), but JRRT was talked out of finishing The Lord of the Rings this way. One can find it now in The History of Middle-Earth series, in Sauron Defeated.

I kind of like the Epilogue. I'm not saying I like it better than the way Tolkien ended his tale however, but Sam and Elanor are charming in any case, for example.