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Here are the links to the recording of "The Lord of the Rings" on You Tube.  I did not down load them, i merely gathered the links.  Please enjoy them at your leasure!

 This is where the links WERE, before i was corrected and informed of the rules:


Apparently it is against the forum rules to post any links of tolkien stuff from You Tube as i was informed, and I quote:


Message Subject: Forum rules, links!

Message From: Arwen undómiel On: Sunday 30th September 2012

Dear Azaghal,


About the posting of links to YouTube or other sites.

I saw that you made a thread called: ''Lord of the Rings Audio U-Tube'' I have to say it were nice recordings, but It isn't allowed to post links to sites which have adds, links or content that may be unsafe for children. And YouTube has a lot of adds and also videos and links which can be unsafe for children. Planet-tolkien is certified as a "Family Friendly Website". This means that there are rules to which we must keep us. This is for the safety of all the members of Planet-tolkien. Planet-tolkien is a website for children of all ages. So it isn't allowed to post links to websites which can content shocking things. So don't post links to YouTube next time. That's only allowed in the Advertisement section of the forum. And even than you have to watch out with what you post.

Here is a link to the forum rules, make sure you read them: Rules. You can always find them at the top of every page. If you have questions about the rules just let us know.


In fellowship,


The Council