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If anyone has time to respond to this I would be most grateful. I am looking for comments/anecdotes/anything really about how The Lord of the Rings has changed you, your life and/or how you relate to others. For example: Sam and Frodo's example of friendship has changed how I view friendship and the value of a special friendship like theirs. The love of Aragorn and Arwen has changed how I view romantic relationships - the right one is always worth waiting for. Boromir taught me that it is never too late to repent and do the right thing. I am interested in this kind of thing for my thesis and would love any comments that you would like to make. Big Smile Smilie

LotR has taught me that reading is worth turning in that paper a day late. It has taught me what little wisdom I have (some call it cynicism). It has taught me to doubt myself and to know that life is only as grand as the little things which it is made of. It has taught me to be grateful for what I have, and more grateful for what I do not have. But most of all it has taught me that even the week may rise up and shake the towers of the mighty down to their foundations.

More learned, more intelligent on words, phrases, old British, and great exciting tales were the yarn is terrible, mysterious, and wonderful all in the same moment. A great piece of literature, would always like to remember these books until i die. Never has books affected me like the lotr's and tolkien's books.

Thank you for your replies, oh Sons of Feanor!

You have given me some good material. What I would also like is some personal example.

Something like: Well for starters, your connection with others here at P-T and/or others in real life. Did LOTR teach you any sense of life-ethics? Can you give specific examples? Did it give you a sense of a better way of living?

For me, I know that Elrond and Arwen taught me about the bonding of parent and child, and made me a better, more involved parent. Aragorn taught me what true nobility was - and what to look for in a man.

I think my sense of values at an early age certainly came from LOTR. While others were doing pretty much anything, there was something that held me back from certain behaviour and I am glad now that I am older!


Your thoughts and experiences would be of great value.

Thanks Smile Smilie

Wow, we reply here quickly right now, thanks, Alyssa, i have never seen you on before, but you seem like a veteran here, you are welcome, and i do love this forum, great job!

Well, maybe a chat and a little while you could know my deeds here, so, why don't we have a chat sometime?

well, maybe it stopped me from being a juvenile, or maybe it has made me a better person and PT and JRR has changed my life. Well someone here changed my life here  although i will not say who because i do not want to make them be embarassed. So yeah, it changed my life recently here too.

Your words warm my heart, Amras.

Yes, I was a regular at P-T some years ago. I think my (somewhat out of date) profile is still in the council alumni. I am much older and perhaps a little wiser now, but I don't get in to P-T as much as I used to.

P-T was a very important part of my life back then too. I am glad to hear that the spirit of this site continues.Big Smile Smilie  I became a Tolkien-fan when I was 12 and it definitely changed my life and the path of my life since. The core goal of my thesis is to see if this is the same for others.

I think this site and pages like it demonstrate how important and influential Tolkien's work is. Thank all that is good for this wonderful body of work!

May the stars shine upon your path, Amras.

May the wind of Manwe sail along with thee Allyssa. Thanks for the kind words too. As some of you may know, i joined in sept. of 2013, at first i was a idiot, but then some very great people changed my life. The People here are different from others, one thing is integrity. And many here, like Allyssa, who is a veteran, instilled this to others besides it being a rule. And also, the creatures here from rivendell to Osgiliath have joined this website with peace, love, and Tolkien spirit. Thanks to the veteran, like Allyssa, this is still here.

I am no son of Feanor, I am the spirit of fire himself. It is nice to see an old member return, and while you may not know of me I know of you (a bit). I read and am reading through the old threads, and I remember seeing your name a few times during the plastic dynasty.

Amras, you were never an idiot, just a bit hasty.

Anyway, how has LotR changed me? First, is it just LotR or the sil and others included? I think perhaps the most important character for me is Gandalf. He is willing to admit to himself and to others that Middle-Earth is basically screwed, but keeps on fighting. These are both very important qualities that have made me do essentially the same thing. I am capable of both knowing when I am being stupid and not letting that stop me from doing whatever I am doing.

Another character I learned a lot from was Denethor. Similarly, he seems to know that his enemies are far greater than him without just giving up (until he does). There are a whole heap more from the sil, but I will wait to hear if the sil is in or not.

My apoolgies, Curufinwe. I misread your name and mistook you for your son who resembles you so closely!


I wonder if I might share a little of my own experience with LOTR (hope this does not weird you out too much).

I first started reading the LOTR when I was 12 and read it many times after that. I am not sure when I first noticed it, but I gradually became aware that something/someone was looking at me through the story, regarding me calmly from afar yet piercing my heart with their gaze. It was an eerie experience and I always wondered if anyone else ever experienced anything like it?

May the stars shine.


No problem, the names all look kinda the same.

That's...weird. Can you explain that a bit more? Maybe say when in the book you noticed this, and how it made you feel/felt towards you?

I would have to say that it was something that came from re-reading the books a number of times. There was no particular chapter or section that produced this effect. I think that a lot of people might have unusual or inexplicable experiences with LTOR. It is a most remarkable book.

I've only read them through from start to finish once, though I've read each chapter at least five times. However, I have never noticed this. I never thought of LotR as anything more than a really good story with a few nice messages. Certainly a very interesting experience.

i have read them start to finish once, like good Curufinwe, but i do read the books, and the chapters that are there alot, and the Rotk most of all. Siege of Gondor, minas Tirith, the Urukhai, Battle of Pelennor, Black Gate, Windo in the West, Bridge of khazaddum, and others. Although i do read the books not in order, i do finish them only separate, and that is why i never lose my love of them, for in switching them around you get a good view of Great characters,( Denethor, Faramir, Boromir, Imrahil, Gandalf, and even people like Ugluk) if  Uruks are people

I have learned that all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. I have learned that true courage is never giving up and fighting for good even in the face of hopeless odds.

I have learnt to never judge a person by their forbearers and to judge them also by who they are not what they are. I has shown me that we are never truly alone or forsaken while there are others on this earth, and that the smallest of things should not be over looked, or all of the best laid of plans may come crashing down. And the Lord of the Rings himself has shown me that Power is not what corrupts a person; is is letting it run away with you and get out of hand until you start to get the idea that all others are beneath you and can be mistreated. That is when you end up truly twisted; when you do not control the power, it controls you.