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Hi guys, Do you think it would have been a good idea for Sauron to have made an appearance in the books/films, I mean after the Last Alliance battle! Just want to add that all these years down the line I am still annoyed that my favorite character, Tom Bombadil didn't make it to the films, not sure if he was even mentioned?.

He wasn't specifically mentioned in any way, but some of his lines showed up on treebeards lips.

As for Sauron making an appearance during the third age, I think that in some ways he did. He rebuilt Barad-Dur early in the third age (and it took a long time). He also sent the great plague to depopulate Gondor, and he forced them to relax their vigilance by giving them some other things to worry about.

However, I think openly appearing as he did in the second age would be a bad idea until he had the armies to fight the free peoples of middle earth since if he did they would just destroy him again and then start worrying about him, perhaps uniting to destroy the evil men from the south so that Gondor could control Mordor without worrying about its borders. If he knew where the ring was he would use the ringwraiths to get it ASAP, but he didn't, so he trusted that eventually he could wear down Gondor enough to build an army.

Don't forget that Sauron also rebuilt and fortified Dol Guldur, Which became quite a strategic fortress for evil. If it had been used properly, it could of been the dagger to Rohan and Gondor. Sauron instigated many easterling realms to assault Gondor, and the Wainrider Confederation, see Appendices of Rotk, was the largest threat to Gondor. Saron was most likely very impatient to defeat them because every attempt, which of course were numerous, had failed. Also Sauron will be jail broke from the void when Morgoth suprises the doors of the night. Ultimately he will fight in Dagor Dagorath and will be slain forever.
Speaking of Dagor Dagorath, I really think Sauron's opponent should be Huon the hound. It will be the long awaited rematch.