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Phew! Thought it was only me, Plastic. Happened to me a long time ago, and many times since.

I could tell you what I did to lift my spirits & enable me to return whistling happily to LoTR, but I'd probably get banned for life. Wink Smilie
I know the feeling. I wanted to re-read it, but I decided not to, cos I didn't really fancy reading everything all over again. Sigh. Smile Smilie
*Plastic Me thinks you turned the reading into work of work instead of an act of love. Go ahead put TTT aside and read the Huxley.

You can go back to the Tolkien when the urge returns as I'm sure it will. It may not be tomorrow, or next week, or month, or year, but there will come a time when you will suddenly open one of the books and start again down those dangerous paths that lead from Bag End's door, just by merely opening the book.
oh good good...apparently Tolkien apathy hits everyone at some point...I'm not just screwed up after all! Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Golly, mail it to me, I'm interested now! And it's got worse, I was going to go and see the movie again today, but I just can't be bothered, I'll wait for video. I'm sitting here watching my Humphrey Bogart collection again, and it's great!!!!!!
I can so sympathise Plastic! I'm re reading it now (we are reading it as a family, but since trying to pay attention while 8 and 9 year olds read Tolkien at 3 words per minute is almost torture, I'm reading it also on my own). Is it cheating if I just skip the wordy parts and read the dialog and backtrack if I get lost???
Is it cheating if I just skip the wordy parts and read the dialog and backtrack if I get lost???

haha...not at all (I hope!)...I do it all the time...
Try and ignore all the songs and poems, or you'll go mad!! Smile Smilie
S'not cheating at all...I tend to jump back & forth nowadays anyway. And I always ignore the poems & songs...unless it's Gollum's bit, that Elbereth thing or 'To The Sea!', or if the bath's nice & warm.

You're very patient, long have your kids been reading it? And which part are they at now?

Plastic, when I get bored of Tolkien, I always watch SW. Or football. Or play pc games. Or read other books. Get plastered. If all else fails, then I jump on hubby. Smile Smilie
I haven't done a re-read for a couple years; that doesn't lessen my enjoyment of the books. They say "Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder." Big Smile Smilie

And I struggled through "Earendil Was a Mariner" only once. And that was because I thought it was about my favorite baseball team--see we don't need no stinkin A-Rod, Griffey, or Randy Johnson. Cool Smilie
lend us your Hubby then Golly Wink Smilie *chortle chortle*
And I like that idea Grondy, "Stepping up to the plate, it's Earendil (dil-dil-dil-dil) and he's going for a, no wait whats happening? Morgoth's pitching, and Earendil has caught the ball, no it's a Silmaril! He has caught the Silmaril and is flying out of the stadium in a boat! Well, I haven't seen a thing like that since the days of Joltin' Joe!"

Have gone back to secret agents and Private dicks and generally a bit Film Noir and am very happy back there thanks!
I can't believe it! I don't have a copy of LOTR right now, and I'm dying to read it again!!! Arrrggh!! Going mad! Smile Smilie
Plastic: :o ! Oh, alright then. Don't tell anyone though.

Tommy: Yep, hubby works for that, too. Wink Smilie
Not saying a word, beggars can't be choosers as they say Wink Smilie And you can have all my tolkien books Tommy, I just don't care anymore Sad Smilie
don't give up on your books just yet, Plast...who a few weeks or months or whatever, you might want to read them never know Smile Smilie
*shrug* maybe Smile Smilie
How did they piss you off?
Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter.
Ring any bells? Bring back any bad memories? ****ing awful song! No 1 hit! From a metal band! Unforgivable.
I'll never sell any of my books or cd's. Not after I sold my James Joyce collection. I had all his books, and now I forced myself to buy Dubliners and Ulysses again. I never read any of his books, but I got them from relatives. Since I never even read them, I decided to sell them. But then a few months later, I read Dubliners, found out it were great stories, started reading Ulysses, and got really Mad Smilie for selling these books. Sad Smilie

And my brother had all the records of the Beatles on LP. But one day he lend them to my other brother, and he forgot to ask them back. Few years later, my brother gave them all away! They are fucking priceless nowadays! They were all in their folders, with not even a scratch on the record, cos they were still in the plastic, never used.

Oh well. Got my copy back, that's what I was longing for. I'll spend the rest of my saturday evening in bed with *finally* a good book to read! Ahhh... Smile Smilie
Popular Urban Myths part one.

Beatles Records are worth loads. This is not true, every bugger bought these records and so there is an almost limitless supply of them. They rarely fetch more than ’15 at most collectors fairs. Unless, and this is important, they are Mono editions, have white labels, or gold labels, in which, exceedingly rare, cases they are indeed f***ing priceless, as Tommy so eloquently put it. Well, only about ’500 a pop, and that's just for the gold label Please Please me, which you will never see. (though I famously saw one for a fiver once when I was skint Sad Smilie ) The rest are up to about ’250 if you're lucky. Sorry to go off topic, but I get really annoyed with people coming into the shop and trying to sell us crap for more than it's worth.
I'm a hopeless packrat...I think I've still got about every book I've ever gotten...not to mention all the other useless crap I've got saved up.

I'm happy to announce the my case of Tolkien apathy has cleared up...I was sitting in line for 4 hours this past Saturday waiting to get in for an audition (this 4 hour line being the first of three I ended up waiting in) so in order to keep myself from freaking out, I started worked quite nicely.
That James Joyce collection is about the only thing I ever gave away. But I'm still pissed on myself for it when I think about it.

Plastic: you're telling me that the records (LP's I mean) of the Beatles, are not worth a penny?! They were never used, still in the plastic, not a scratch on 'em! And the full collection together! Every single album and single!!! That must be worth sth right? Smile Smilie

I'm still happy I can finally read Tolkien again. Smile Smilie Don't think I could survive without it... Gosh, I really am a geek! Smile Smilie
Totally complete and in mint condition? Are they first pressings? Cos if they are, then as a set it could well be worth a shed load, but individually they're not worth as much as people think. Still quite a few quid though, about 15-20 quid each normally, with a few exceptionally valuable ones and Sgt Pepper which is pretty much worth jack s*it.
Oh, and if you've got "My Bonny" by Del Shannon with the Beatles as his back up group from '61 it's worth more than you could possibly imagine!!
Hey Plastic, it got to be that way for me several years ago. So I hid the books for about ten years and forgot about them. It was'nt until the first hint of the making of the "Fellowship" that I dug them out to get my wife and son to read them. Then suddenly I had that same desire to read them again. This time with true passion. Now I am reading them agian but this time I am skipping around reading my favorite parts only. It really works great because has I read a favorite part it will lead me back to something else that will lead back to something else and so on. Try that. Good Luck! Smile Smilie
Nope, doesn't work, maybe when I see the TTT movie I'll get back into it again. I seem to get enough of a Tolkien fix by coming here all the time instead now Smile Smilie Thanks for the idea though jg, I'm off to hide all my books now Smile Smilie
Why don't you try a Tolkien book that you haven't read that much? Like Unfinished Tales, Leaf by niggle, or sth like that. Maybe that'll get you into it again, you never know...

And I don't know about that Beatles collection. My bruv told me he had every single and album, and he never played them, they were still in the plastic cover and all. But they're gone now, anyway... Smile Smilie

"It's better to loose what you love than to love what you can never have."
Nah, and if you've ever lost something you truly loved you wouldn't say that.
Well Plastic, this part of you we don't get to know very often.
But I think both can hurt very bad. Still, love remains a beautiful thing.
In the words of the Psychedelic Furs: Love Stinks. :P
And this bitter, twisted side of me comes out fairly often Gnamps.
Oh yes, we know that side alright! Wink Smilie
But Plastic, love doesn't stink. It's the betrayal of one's confidence that stinks.
The two go hand in hand always.
Don't be so bl**dy sad for godsake! Life is great! And so is love! Maybe my opinion on that will change too in some years time, but I'm still to young to think about it... And so are you. So what the hell, let's party! Pary Smilie
No, I shall continue to be a bitter twisted mother****er about it all. But I shall party anyway.
Fantastic! Pary Smilie

No, really. Still not cured yet? Very Sad Smilie
No. Life sucks don't it?
Life can be hard, that's true. Very Sad Smilie
But you can't stay depressed can you? Boring Smilie
Cheer up mate! *offers Plastic a free pint in order to cheer him up a little*
Ah! The virtual pint, if only it were real and tangible (and I weren't off the sauce for a bit again...)
*hastily takes away the pint* It's mine now then! :P
Uh oh. Looks like I've caught the bug. It's not infectious is it Plastic?

Mind you, I can still take LotR, but only a chapter at a day. I've totally gone off Silm, but when I'm feeling less grumpy, I grab the Hobbit, munch on a grape jam sandwich and sing along with Bilbo.

Hope this doesn't last for long. Sad Smilie

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Trust me, it does...
I have a cunning plan though, I got me a new copy of Bored of the Rings instead so I can read that and perhaps have my enthusiasm put back.
Cunning plan indeed! Good luck mate - I would have tried that but the '60s references are too much for me. I'd spend most of my time looking it up on the net, and much fun will be lost there.

I'll stick to trying to trick myself by pretending to read Herbet or Eco, and grabbing Tolkien instead. I'm pretty gullible.
Yeah, but Tim Benzedrino works in any decade! I'd forgotten how funny this book was.
See, I didn't get that at all... Sad Smilie
What? Not even his lovely toking, and smoking and snorting songs? What a sheltered life you must have led....
Must find myself a copy of Bored of the Rings. Could be a laugh... Maybe I could read that for my examination of Dutch. We still have to read a book for that. Ideas anyone? Animated Wink Smilie