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I read the Hobbit when I was 8, and started LotR, but only got up to TTT. I got all the way through LotR when I was 11 or so. I liked it well enough the first time, but then when I read it again a few years later, that's when I really got into it.

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I was 27 when I first read The Hobbit and LotR in 1967. I had to wait another ten years for The Silmarillion to be published and another ten for The Lost Tales. I'm just now starting the twelve books of the History of Middle-earth series, as their existence, as well as that of The Unfinished Tales were unknown to me until this past year.
I first read the Hobbit, LotR, and The Silmarillion 21 years ago when I was 18. They totally blew me away and set me on the road of reading any fantasy story I could lay my hands on. I began reading Unfinished tales at the same time but tended to use that as a reference book and only actually got around to reading it cover to cover last year.

I am now starting to read the HOME series that someone very kindly bought me for Christmas.
I was 14 the first time I read LOTR, I can remeber it exactly Happy Elf Smilie , I was so fascinated that I finished it in only 5 days and then I started again.One year later I read the Hobbit, Silmarillion and part of the Unfinished Tales
I first read LotR 6 yrs ago when i was 14, after reading The Hobbit as a school setwork book in Grade 8 (the only setwork book I ever enjoyed - but being that it was homework, I didn't read it cover-to-cover) Elf Smilie
Anyway, LotR was the first book I ever read from begining to end... and I loved it! Then I read the Hobbit again and LotR again and again - 5 times now Big Smile Smilie
In between I read a bunch of other fantasy books and now I'm reading the Silmarillion.
I read it first when I was 10 or 11 years old and I read it again about a month later.
I read it for the first time when I was 13. Only got to reading The Hobbit when I was 24, which was 2 years ago.

I'm reading LOTR now for the 5th time... I seem to get more information and a better understanding of the book everytime I read it.
Welcome to the site, Erkenbrand. I hope you enjoy yourself here and manage to discover even more things about the books than you already did.
I first read LotR sometime in early to mid 2001 (say, May-ish). My stepfather had given it to me years ago but I'd never gotten around to cracking it (procrastination is my middle name). Then I heard that the first movie was coming out December 2001 so I figured if I was gonna read it I should read it then (with a few exceptions such as Dune, I've never been able to bring myself to read a book after I've seen a film adaption... kinda spoils everything, dontcha think?)

I'll confess that my expectations weren't especially high because I'd had a negative preconception of the fantasy genre. Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised. I'm here aren't I? Big Laugh Smilie

I've read it two more times since then and also read The Hobbit, The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales.
Thanks for the welcome Valedhelgwath Big Smile Smilie

Nice topic choice!

I read the Hobbit in 8th grade for English class and I fell in love with it right away. After reading it I saw in the back of the book "Other writings by J.R.R. Tolkien" and decided to get LotR. I was about 15 when I started reading the Fellowship and I was hooked for life. I bought all three books and read them within the year. I am reading them for the third time and am in The Return Of The King. I actually read the Silmarillion a year ago and loved it of course, I will hopefully read it again when i am done with RoTK. Dunce Smilie
I`m afraid I haven`t yet read the book, so I can`t answer the question. Sorry. Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
I can`t wait to read the book though.
My first reading of LOTR; I was 21, I had the flu and was laid up in bed for a week. My friend had given me the book, she'd only bought it because she thought it would look good on her bookshelf. I was expecting a childrens book because I'd read the hobbit at infant school. I was hooked and in the 13 years since I must have read it at least 5 times again.
I read The Hobit and LOTR almost immediately after seeing the Fellowship of the Ring (because I had never heard of the book before hearing about the movie), and then I realized how much better the book was. So now i'm a huge fan of the books... well the movies are ok too, but I think they don't express exactly what Tolkien was saying... Now I'm going to start reading the Silmarillion and then I'll re-read LOTR.
I can't remeber when (maybe when I was 7? 8?), I found the trilogy plus the hobbit that my mom had owned as a teenager in our attic. Being an avid book collector, I took them for my bookshelves. I was never really interested in the fantasy genre; actually, to be pertectly honest, I keep away from most fantasy books altogether as a child...I think it must be some sort of repressed memory or something... Smoke Smilie

Anyway, eventually, I figured I should at least try to read them (I don't like having a book on my bookshelves that I haven't at least attempted to read-it feels like I'm cheating or something Smile Smilie ) Since the Hobbit is the prequal to the LotR, I read that first. I'm almost ashamed to say this here, but I didn't really like it... Got The Blues Smilie I enjoyed the basic storyline, but it was too much learning for my immature little brain to absorb Boring Smilie

When the FotR movie was coming out about 7 years later, I started thinking about them again. My mom had gotten free movie passes to see it, so I figured I'd try out LotR, just because I like reading the book before I go see the movie interpretation of it, even though it usually ruins the movie for me Very Sad Smilie Big Smile Smilie Obviously, I loved LotR, and currently I'm nearing the end of Silm., another excellent read. When I finish, I plan on giving the Hobbit another go... Read Smilie

To wrap up my long and boring response, Tolkien opened my eyes to a world that I never knew exsisted, and however geeky it may sound Cool Smilie , I'm so grateful...Sorry this was kinda long, but I tend to babble a lot Chicken Smilie

Just had to enclude these guys to lighten up my post Smoke Smilie :
Wiggle Smilie Na-na-na-na-na Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Genius Smilie Wiggle Smilie
I was 15 when i started to read the whole bunch.
I think I was around 10 or 11 when I first read it.
I am 34 and I am reading LOTR for the first time (right now I'm on TTT where the hobbits are in Fangorn Forest. I read the Hobbit for the first time last year. Also last year, I read Wind in the Willows, A Wrinkle in Time, and the Chronicles of Narnia for the first time.

Alas, when I was younger, I read books that were older than me and now I am going through a children's literature phase...and I WISH that I had read these books with a young mind and heart. I can only imagine the pure delight and thrills for a child reading such stories.

Tell your kids!!! READ THEM WHILE YOU ARE INNOCENT! They will grow up with you and you will have a lifelong friend for LONGER.
I`m reading it for the first time and I`m 11. I hope I enjoy it. Big Smile Smilie

I just finished my FIRST reading of Lord of the Rings. All I can say is. WHOA. (and WAHHHHHHHHHH! I've been sobbing!)

This is the most well told story I have ever read in my life and will be one of my favorite books forever, one to revisit over and over. I CAN'T believe I waited so LONG!
I have read LOTR last year and that totally got me going on to read other works of Tolkien, though it came witha push from Erkenbrand and some of my friends. Tongue Smilie
Last year, I also read The Silmarilion, Unfinished Tales, Lays of Beleriand, Morgoth's Ring, The Hobbit and a few others...guess it is not such a good record, eh? Wink Smilie
I first read LOTR when I was 20 and college friend got me interested. But first I wanted to read the Hobbit being Rings was a sequel. I'm glad I did. It made everything so much clearer. But my first reading was more for enjoyment. I got so caught up in the characters.

About two years later I read them again and bought the Silmarillion and that blew my mind (except for all the geography). Everything is a lot less confusing. I can understand some of the character's motivation better.

What else can I say? I really like books.

Have fun! Smile Smilie
I first read the Hobbit when I was 15, or two years ago. A month later I started to read LOTR and I just loved it. I’ve just started my second reading and I’m reading TTT now! Man it’s great! And earlyer this day I bought, da**, and don’t know the English word for it, Hugarlendur Tolkiens, which contains a lot of paintings, and I also bought Vegarlj’’ Tolkiens, which contains som of his poems. And I’m going to look at it when I get home later this night! Big Smile Smilie
I first read the Hobbit about 3 years ago, when I was 12/13. I remember thinking it was going to be really boring and it took me a while to get into it. Then I read the Lord of the Rings, which I absolutely got hooked on. I cried for about 20 min when I finished the last book, it's so sad! Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

Unlike most people I haven't actually read LotR all the way through again since then, a probably never will, but I read my favorite bits of them all the time.

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I first read the Hobbit 5 years ago; I was 10 or11. That then prompted me to read LOTR about a year later, twice in three weeks and I have been hooked ever since then. I read the Silmarillion 2 years ago, and Unfinished Tales straight after that. I got the complete History of Middle -Earth series for Christmas, but I haven't got round to reading them yet.
um...i am reading tem right now, im 13. Smile Smilie
I was 13! Of course I've read it several times since then, are ya done yet Delidia?
Hey, It was last year in Juni I bought the book and gave at as a present to my sister(She dont like it by the way)
I didnt watch the movie *The Fellow.* then normely I dont like fantasy -books and movies. I was thinking, Okay it is the same shi.. as evrey time befor. But shortly befor I moved to Ireland I begann to read the Lord Of the Rings, surly I didn finished it, I was only in chapter 1 when I leaved Germany. In this way I bought the book in Dublin and begann again. And I think it was very good to read it in original, then the last Translation into german is very bad. (It is truly not only my opinion) In this way I am 20 now.

But I love the book, I think it is the only fantasy book what i ever read or read in future. Okay I am reading the other books from Tolkien and I have the Sil, The Hobbit, Unfinished Tales, and I want to buy the History of Middel Earth.
You ask for impression, I think I say all when I say normaly I dont like fantasy books. But This book is more and it is better then any other fantasy what I try to read. I think the movie didnt change my opinion over the book and his charecters, then I look very different, one thing is the book and the other is a movie, there is nothing realy similar.

Bey then and have a good day

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I think I say all when I say normaly I dont like fantasy books. But This book is more and it is better then any other fantasy what I try to read.

Have to agree there, that's why i liked the book so much, normally i can't stand the pretentiousness of Fantasy writing, but Tolkien seemed to just tell a great story in amongst all the fantasy stuff, something a lot of other fantasy writers should remember, instead of just making sure you know all about their created world, and how it works, dull, dull, dull...
I'm reading it for the first time right now and I'm 18. Started when I was 17, thought, had time to have a b-day, there. Smile Smilie
I first read the Hobbit when I was 7 I think...and then the Sil at age 9-10 and LOTR at age 15.....hmmm....I re-read the Sil though....2times....Big Smile Smilie
I got the LotR books for my 12th birthday; I remember I horrendously skimmed them - I skipped entire chapters. So, I restarted and read the entire thing through in two days, nonstop. I've started to read them again a couple times, but I have trouble with reading so quickly I always skim - I've never read them word-for-word fully. That's why I've never heard of people like Widow Rumple and have barely any clue who Imrahil is.
After reading LotR, I found the Alan Lee Illustrated Version of the Hobbit at a local library and read it in one afternoon. Needless to say I was a bit miffed at the frolicking and jovial songs of the Elves.
Later, I bought Unfinished Tales and found it very, very interesting, so I found the Silmarillion and read it. I imagine I must've skimmed a bit; that happens when I try to read it all in one day. Perhaps if I break it into chapters, or sections? Wait! It already is... Smile Smilie
Since then, I've bought the Lost Road and Other Writings, and the Treason of Isengard. (I forgot to mention I got the Book of Lost Tales I out from the library along with the Hobbit; I promptly bought it the following day, though I didn't have the foggiest clue who Melko was.)
I also got a book called Master of Middle-earth by Paul H. Kocher at a tag sale - it's very old (published in 1972), but I liked it.
I am embarrassed to say but I did not even pick up LOTR until I watched the movies. Now I wish that I would have done it the other way around, I did read The Hobbit years ago when I was about 20 and I just never picked up LoTR. I am 28 and this is the first time that I have read these books and now am sort of disappointed that I missed out on these great books. But that is ok becuase I know that now I will read these at least once a year now.

Its not your fault Ashley. I read the books (Hobbit & Trilogy) somewhere around when i was 10 i think. My mom was always teling me that it was a great book, but i just didnt like all those letters Elf With a Big Grin Smilie . And then finally i gave up and read them. WOW!!!!! I was totally awed by them and have read them since some dozen times. After that i got the Silmarillion and loved it to. I read it a couple of times and i like the great number of informations you can get in it.
I read Lord of the Rings when I was about 12(ish) before I read the Hobbit (which has always seemed too much a children's book for me to enjoy apart from the history it gives. My brother bought me hardback copies of LotR when I was about 17 and I have re-read them over and over. I bought the Simarillion years and years ago but only managed to finish it a few years ago, again re-reading it because there is always something new that pops out at me. I never thought of LotR as fantasy, funnily enough.

The blurb on the dust cover of my LotR is interesting...... a review by The Sunday Times... in which Tolkien is referred to as Mr Tolkien.

for width of imagination it almost beggars parallel, and it is nearly as remarkable for its vividness and for the narrative skill which carried the reader on, enthralled, for page after page.

it's really super science fiction, declared Naomi Mitchison...but it is timeless and will go on and on.

(C S Lewis said)
No imaginary world has been projected which is at once multi-farious and so true to its own inner laws; none so seemingly objective, so disinfected from the taint of an author's merely individual psychology; none so relevant to the actual human situation yet so free from allegory.

Only those who have read The Lord of The Rings will realise how impossible it is to convey all the qualities of a great book.

Grondy thinks Naomi Mitchison's sense of litarary classification is rather gittish; Elf With a Big Grin Smilie however, she is forgiven, for her next expressed sentiment allows her a place among Tolkien's fandom.
Yes, I am not sure how she meant that - it was written decades ago. What is super science fiction? Is it super science... fiction or super... science fiction? And who is she anyway?
i, also only read the books after the movies. i didnt even care about the movies until i heard about orlando. Don't get me wrong.... i dont like LOTR only because he was in the movies, he was just the reaso i first watched the movies. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean when it first came out in theaters and my friend, who had read all of the books in LOTR and seen all of the movies that had come out and was trying to get me to watch them, told me orlando was in LOTR. Then i watched the movies Big Laugh Smilie . My first impression was WHOA!!! the movies were great! and when jenny told me there were books i rushed to them. I have since read the LOTR trilogy, the Hobbit, and i'm now working on the Silmarillian. Goes to show what a man cam do for ya. lol Wink Smilie
My first time with LOTR was actually the first animated movie I was about 7 maybe 8 and it was at school that we watched it. Wanted ta know what happened in the third part so a few years later got rotk read that and then got the first two.
Then the Hobbit and Sil and finally Unfinished tales. currently tryin ta get the History of middle earth tagether.
I first read the book in 2001, around the time when I heard the movie was coming out. I was 16 at that time, and I finished it in about a week (because I had to go to school and all, or I would have finished it earlier). Since then I've read the book again a few times, especially after watching the movies, to remember certain scenes that were cut or changed. I've also finished reading "The Hobbit", "The Silmarillion" and "Unfinished Tales". Big Smile Smilie
Well... I started reading LOTR in 1997.. finished it in 2002 *coughs*

Last year I read the Hobbit and Spring this year I read the Silmarillion. In between I re-read the Two Towers and Return of the King a couple of times. Unfinished tales and two books froom HoME are currently being read and I started to re-read FOTR as well. During the time I read LOTR I put it down many times and read other authors in between. Once I read the chapter where Strider was introduced (around that time the movie FOTR hit the cinema).... I started to like it.

I heard about LOTR being a book(s) after the release of the TTT movie in India. *coughs*

Well, I didn't see the first movie till after the second one was released overseas. (Not India. They release the movies here after about a month). I watched TTT after the third one was released. After watching the second one I found out that LOTR is a book ("Based on the book by JRR Tolkien" So actually PJ has the credit of introducing me to Tolkien!!) So I had only just started with the Hobbit when I watched the third movie. That too, was an ebook and not a real book!! I loved it so much that I also finished LOTR. All in about two months. After finishing the books, I felt the need for real books and went searching for the books over the internet and stumbled upon PT!! I got the Hobbit, LOTR and the Silm only towards the end of the last month. Now I'm about to finish the Hobbit. Should finish it tonight and then from tomorrow I'd be starting with LOTR! I also read the Silmarillion in between. I've finished the first few chapters so far. But currently the main priority is LOTR.
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Gonna read it for the first time as soon as I finish my Sherlock Holmes book, owing to a bang on the head which lost me my entire Tolkien-related memory, honest guv.... where is this place? it was in my favourites folder so I must have been here before.... (ho ho ho)
Sherlock Holmes? Did someone mention Sherlock Holmes? Yummy. I love him!! Big Smile Smilie
YUMMY? YUMMY? What strange thingy is going on here? Paranoid Smilie Paranoid Smilie

Well, I started reading tLOTR when I was.... eight/nine. since then I have read it twelve times, and shall do so again in a month. (What freak would count, everyone asks? The answer is - me.) I have read the Hobbit five/six times (I keep forgetting) and read it round about six. My first attempt at the SIlmarillion was in Form 2, when I was ten. But I actrually read it at eleven. Since then i ahve read it five times. I have read Sir GAwain the Green Knight, Pearl, and Sir Orfeo once. Ditto for Finn and Hengest: the Fragment nad the Episode. I went through a period of reading The ADventures of Tom Bobmadil, Smith of woottton Major, and Farmer Giles of Ham again and again and again in a row, but didn't count. I have read the LEtters of J.R.r.Tolkien once. I have read Unfinished Tales one and a half times. (currently reading it)
I read the Fellowship for the first time for a 7th grade book report 2 years ago.
When I finished the trilogy I read the Hobbit. I read them and the Sil that
summer. I also read them again last year and plan to read them some time this year Smile Smilie
I have read LOTR every year at least once for about 5 years now, so I was about 16 when I first read it I would guess. I am just about to start rereading it now actually - and after that I will start on The Silmarillion because I haven't read that yet.
i read the hobbit when i was 15, i loved it, such a classic, i really got into it when my uncle bought me the fellowship of the ring, he loved all the books and i thought ill try my best to do something he likes and i knew that therez was a book before FOTR the hobbit, so he bought me the collectoin of the hobbit and LOTR and i started then, now im more into it than him!! guess what even though i finished it, i cant stop!!!!
guess what even though i finished it, i cant stop!!!!
Maybe that addiction is the reason why we all come here for our almost daily fix of All Things Tolkien. And I'm happy to be able to facilitate your habit, as you are mine. Orc Grinning Smilie
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