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Aelfric began this thread with the following post.

I have this odd memory that when the Noldor are pardoned at the end of the 1st Age, they are required to settle Tol Eressea instead of returning to Tirion. It always seemed haunting to me -- fated to see the light of Valinor shining through the Calacirya, but never to set foot upon Tuna again.

Where does this come from? It's not in the Silmarillion that I can find, nor in Unfinished Tales. Anyone know?

Ungoliant replied

I think that they were also allowed to visit Valinor. From Silm, 'Of The Voyage of Earendil':

And when they came into the West the Elves of Beleriand dwelt upon Tol Eressea, the Lonely Isle, that looks both west and east; whence they might come even to Valinor. They were admitted again to the love of Manwe and the pardon of the Valar; and the Teleri forgave their anceint grief, and the curse was laid to rest.

Can't remember reading any other passages that contradicts this.
It's in the bok of Lost Tales, cos that's where Aelfwine fines them in the first place.
Wasn't it in the silm? I thought they were pardoned after they had all beaten Melkor and kicked him out? and thats in the silm or am i wrong?
Yeah they were pardoned in the Silm, but they get to go to Valinor in that, they are only banished to Tol Erressea in the Bolt.
Wasnt Tol Eressia for those elves who had seen the light of the 2 trees but wanted to remain within sight of Beleriand? Or am I totally wrong Pixie Smilie ??
Yeah that's where it came from in the first place. The Teleri who took ages to go to Valinor begged Ulmo to leave the island ferry where they could still see both, and it became Tol Erressea.
Thought so. cheers! Was it there also that the kinslayings occured after the Exile of the Noldor??? I guess also it must have been far to the north due to the ice flows that separated it with Beleriand.
Sorry guys and gals, bear with me, I only read the Sil once so far and things tend to geta little jumbled up. Am I far off the mark???
The kinslaying took place at the Havens of Alqualonde where most of the Teleri settled on the shores of Valinor, just underneath the gap of thingy. Not all of them stayed on Tol Eressea. The Noldor who were left on the shores after Feanor had legged it with the boats then marched all the way up to the Helcaraxe (grinding ice) to collect the Doom of Mandos and act like morons generally.
Man, and I did that from memory! Have I really got no life?
Wow! Was that a rhetorical question Plastic or should we ask your family? Big Smile Smilie Gotta go read the Sil again.
I think it was rhetorical yeah. Wink Smilie But I could be wrong...
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I do so too have a life!!!.......I think......Disturbed Smilie
Yeah, me too!
I had one of those once... Sad Smilie
When the hosts of the Noldor leave for Middle-Earth, the watcher on the shore said to them that the gates of Valinor would be closed to them forever. Galadriel was pardoned and so she retreated over the Sea. Atleast that's my understanding of it.
Speaking of Tol Eressea, how the hell did Eriol get there? I thought it was forbidden to men. . .
Eriol/Aelfwine got lost in a massive stormy type thing, and washed up on teh shores of Valinor, by an extraordinary coincidence. I think the stretch of the imagination required to go with this idea is what made JRR change the layout to what eventually became the SIl..
Any further posts about Eriol/Aelfwine should be added to Who is this Eriol (’lfwine) dude? under Characters.

And yes, Tol Eressea was forbidden to men.
This post has lain dead for awhile, but it is interesting, so I am reviving it!
I understand that there are no geographical regions which exactly mirror ME or any of Tolkien's realms, but to me, Tol Eressea invokes the spirit and ideals of Ireland-do you think Tolkien had exact places in mind for each area he thought of? Does anyone care? Question Smilie
When he first began writing the scripts which eventually became the Silmarillion, some where very different to their final form. In the early scripts there does seem to be a correlation between places in Middle Earth and the real world. I think Tol Eressea was based on Ireland.... The early versions were very different, though, and some concepts totally disappeared as the story evolved.
*Pats himself on the back for just having read LT2 again.* In the early versions, Eressea was Britain, and hauled back to ME for a conflict that at times was and at others wasn't the Last Battle. As I recall, Osse didn't want it to go back to ME, and resisted, with the result that Ireland broke off of it. That version has a truly sad ending IMHO, with Eriol/Aelfwine acting from the best intentions to provoke the Last Battle before time (Tolkien seems to have come to appreciate the incongruity of the Last Battle having alread occurred but Arda remaining in our time and made this a lesser battle, ultimately) and consequently screwing up the whole thing.

In that version what would become the Quenta Silmarillion is represented as being hastily concluded by Eriol/Aelfwine as Men sack a burning and pillaged T’na and the Eldar of Eressea fade even as those of Middle-Earth, providing the basis for the later Celtic legends (which Tolkien states the Celts have all screwed up, and the Angles, who arrived much later than the Celts, preserve best.) IMHO, it's the best argument for not accepting all of HoME as canonical.

The gap thingy is, I believe, the Valacirya, through which the light of Valinor passed to Eressea and thence the rest of Arda.