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Beleg Strongbow began this thread with the following post

Would the tale of Turin Turambar, Master of Doom, be possible as a movie? What characters would have to be left out, and who's character would have to be expanded?

I think it would be difficult to start the movie without making a cheesy prologue ( Once upon a time... ) and still get all the information needed (i.e. Morgoth, Hurin, Ninaeth Arnoediad, Morwen, Lalaith--who would probably have to be left out--, and Nienor, Thingol, Melian).

Am I just crazy?

Grondmaster replied

It would probably make a better mini-series, as six hours would probably be needed to do it justice. The first hour would be used for the prologue and his setting out on his own.

The major drawback of the story is the ending, I don't think this tragedy will sell anything except facial tissues, certainly little beer; and because it will be given an R rating, it won't even sell many action figures.

Of course this is just my humble opinion.

I don't think it would have to be an R rating...After all, there isn't any bad language (it wasn't invented yet!) and no sexual stuff (Turin marries Nienor, end of story.) Can't help the violence--but if managed properly, you could pull off a PG-13 rating (TT did!).

But you might not need a full hour for the prologue. Fifteen minutes might do. ( There once was a man named Hurin, who married Morwen. They had a son named Turin. Turin left because of danger, Nienor was born. Turin went galavanting around looking for them, then returned to Thingol. You could start the movie there.)

Tissues would be everywhere. The movie theater would be drowning in kleenex.
I think a mini series would be particularly effective if each one began with Morgoth tormenting Hurin on the mountain by showing him the torment being heaped upon his son. The whole thing could be shown through the eyes of Hurin.
You could have the end be Hurin finding Morwen and Turin and Nienor's grave.
I think that the story of Turin might make a great move, dramatic and romantic, full of suspense. Of course, it should be based on all what is known about Turin, and in particular on the UT version of the story. So many complex relationships are depicted there! Hurin - Morgoth, Hurin - Turgon, Hurin - his son Turin, Turin - his mother, Turin - Sador. Turin - Thingol and Melian, Turin - Nellas, Turin - Beleg, Turin - the outlaws, Turin - Mim, Turin - Gwindor, Turin - Finduilas, Gwindor - Finduilas, Turin - Aerin, Turin - Nienor, Brandir - Nienor, Turin - Brandir... Al nuances of what happens between these people are even more fascinating for me than action itself. But such a movie would need a very special director, my choice would be Ridley Scott.
I think that Nirnaeth Arnoediad would be good to open with (similar to the opening of LotR), since an action sequence is best to open a movie with. You could explain Turgon and Hurin and Morgoth there. I think the major repationships would probably end up being:


And that would be the basic outline of the movie relationships--it would be fairly difficult to introduce the characters and their background, but it could be done, in my opinion
I am particularly fond of the UT verison of Turin's story. We must remember that early versions of the story were written by a young man fighting for survival in a world turned into nightmare, but the version from UT was written already after the completion of LOTR, by a very mature man, full of wisdom. The first versions are full of despair and desperate defiance, full of hate; the UT version is full of sadness and compassion. Many characters are really complex, for instance, Sador, a lame servant, "man of little account", who finds pleasure in carving a great seat for his lord Hurin, but yet when winter comes he sacrifies all his work and lets the chair be used as fuel. He resembles a lot Niggle from the story "A leaf by Niggle" and he seems to have much in common with how JRT perceived himslef. Brandir is a similar character, physically weak, crippled, but a noble heart. Androg, an outlaw banished from Hithlum for slaying of a woman, also has some greatness in him, remains true to Turin and dies after having fought valiantly to the end. They are all ambiguos and very, very human... and I think that a film telling the story of Turin in a not-too-simplified way might be extremely moving and successful!
I find this topic very interesting, since Turin is my favourite Man-character of the story. Yet, I would love to see a movie made about the entire Silmarillion, though that would be a lot more difficult to achieve! What can I say? It's a dream I have, that one day a Silmarillion movie (I don't care how many parts it would take!) will be made. The only condition put by the Tolkien fans should be that the film should follow the book, like it were its screenplay! I think that had they done this with LotR, there wouldn't be a single displeased fan! It's a shame they didn't!