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Thread: What is the Silmarillion?

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Hello! Smile Smilie
Both really, but a seriously good story and an awesome book.
It is a history comprised of a collection of stories to be precise, and essential reading for any Tolkien fan.
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And when you will reread LOTR after having read the Silmarillion you will see how many obscure allusions become clear!
thanks a lot
definily agree with eryan on seeing things you never understood in the LOTR. Like the whole line of gandlafs infront of the balrog in moria and just the balrong in general. There are some great parts to the book! but some of the chapters are long and dull.
A lot more than just some Wink Smilie I have to agree with you HowBoutThatElf (great name by the way) Welcome to the Forum.
If you don't like Silmarillion then just shut up! Mad Smilie

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Has the Silmarillion ever been published in paperback?
Yes Grondmaster. I have a Del Rey paperback edition of the Silmarillion $6.99 US
I also have the Silm in paperback. I love it. It is a great book. There are some boring bits but on the whole a great book. It also explains a lot about LOTR. I really have learned a lot since reading it.
Thanks people. Smile Smilie I will have to go shoping for the paperback now.

The reason I asked is I don't think I should be using either my first edition or my leather bound collectors edition as my forum working copy: too much daily wear and tear.
I would not use those either, Grondy
I wouldn't use them either, but I wish I had them.... Val turns green with envy. Smile Smilie
Green looks good on you, Val. But you are right, those books would be wonderful to have.
What is the Silmarillion?

It's a book! (ok couldn't help this, sorry) Very Big Grin Smilie

I have the paperback version too, though I haven't read much of it yet. Can't put myself to it. And I won't force it, because I know I won't like it then. Someday I'll read it. Promise. Animated Wink Smilie
In my opinion the Silmarillion is the best of Tolkien's books it reveals his true romanticism. It is the book that all others are based on and if people don't bother to read it they shouldn't be on this web site making uninformed comment's
I agree with Eryan, that is just how I felt when I first read my (paperback, I want a leather one like Grondy's Sad Smilie ) one. If you start the Silmarillion, be sure to check out our Silmarillion Discussion Group, it's coming along wonderfully (in my opinion), I know I've gained a lot of insight from the posts there. Big Smile Smilie
Actually, Tolkien alluded to the Silmarillion's presence in LoTR. JRR pretended that he was just a historian translating into English what Frodo had written (LoTR) and what Bilbo had (Hobbit). However, he claimed that BILBO wrote the Silm. as well! Big Smile Smilie In the prologue, under Note on the Shire Records, it is written that Bilbo gave to Frodo "three large volumes bound in red leather," concerning the Elder Days, labeled on their backs "Translations from the Elvish, by B.B." It certainly seems that these three volumes were 1) Ainulindal’ and Valaquenta 2) Quenta Silmarillion 3) Akallab’th and Of the Rings of Power and the 3rd Age... Christopher Tolkien even says that he believes that that was what his father meant, in the Foreword to the Book of Lost Tales I. Big Laugh Smilie