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I've just purchased the audio book for this - have never read the book.

I haven't read any of the threads related to this topic as they will probably contain loads of spoilers!

Just wanted to know if anyone else has the audio book (Martin Shaw reads it) and is it true to the book?
nope i havnt (theres no point to this post Big Smile Smilie)
No, I hadn't heard about it.

Let us know how the reader's annunciation squares with that given in the Appendices of the LotR.
Yes, I purchased it a couple of years ago in CD format. I love it. Martin Shaw's voice is perfect for reading Tolkien. I haven't got through it ( about 1/2 way)because I tend to listen to parts of it over and over until I know it well. I read the book but never really studied it. I am a auditory learner so the CD set works quite well for me. I plan to take it with me on my long journey to China. Perhaps, I will get through the rest of it.