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Hey Everybody

I've got a copy of The Silmarillion by J.R.R.Tolkien, signed by Christopher Tolkien and Ted Nasmith. It's specially bound and slipcased first edition, limited to 500 copies.

It's currently on ebay if you'd like to check it out:

Full details on ebay
Do you have one signed by Michael Moorcock?
No thanks, I've got $70 US tied up in a leather bound Easton Press edition of The Silmarillion and seldom open it for fear on messing it up; same for my first American edition of it. I find using the paperback edition is better for my day to day usage. I've worn out two sets of LotR and one of The Silmarillion. Whenever I think of spending that much money on one book, I instead consider the number of other books that would buy and the number of joyous years would be required to read through them. Teacher Smilie

Good luck finding a well heeled collector who has that kind of money to invest in their grand-children's future, rather than someone who will just turn around and flip the book back on Ebay in another six months further driving up the price towards another bubble. Happy Elf Smilie