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Thread: The laws of the elves?

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I am once again confused Big Smile Smilie
what are the laws of the elves?
i read sil to the point where eol comes to gondolin and theres a fuss about the laws of turgon and that got me thinking about the elvish laws. anyone knows more about them?
hello arath,here curufinwe,i'm new on this site.does the fact that Elves had really baffles you that much?you should remember that the Elven laws are not like mannish laws-elven laws do seldom deal as mannish laws do with property,with individualism.their main subject is the protection and caring -what may be called the stewardship of nature.this indeed makes the substance of Elven laws.the subject is enthralling and would require long hours of discussions and exchange.may Iluvatar illumine your mind!
Curufinwe should know the Elvish laws pretty well, he was the first Elf to defy them, was he not?