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who really was ungoliant before she took the form of a spider...does anyone know or she has no history...was she a maia or something
There are many threads about this on this forum and other forums I believe. Perhaps take a look through old threads in the Silmarillion of charatcer forums. You will find them there. However to answer your question plainly and forgetting all the speculation it is not known for sure what Ungoliant was. However becuase she does not originate from inside Ea and comes from Without she has to be an Ainur of some form or other. Most likely a Maiar as Melkor had many dozens, even hundreds of Maiar at his disposal, particularly in the beginning days. He took a host of Maiar back down into Arda to overthrow the great Pillars of Light. Ungoliant was probabaly amoung them.
I have always thought that ungoliant came to ea like tulkas. Being a strong spirit. And eventually wandering into the net of lies that morgoth used to recruit the maiar. I think that ungoliant had no other form than the form of the spider.
She was not in spider form before she descended into Ea however. She 'Took the form of a sider' when she descended.
I meant that ungoliant had no form before it came to ea it was only a spirit.
Another theory besides her being a Maia in spider-form is that she was one of the creatures created by the discords of the Great Music. Cp.
"Out of the discords of the Music - sc. not directly out of either of the themes, Eru's or Melkor's, but of their dissonance with regard one to another - evil things appeared in Arda, which did not descend from any direct plan or vision of Melkor: they were not 'his children'; and therefore, since all evil hates, hated him too." (Notes on motives in the Silmarillion (iii), Text VII Morgoth's Ring)
There is no need to muddy the waters with murky excerpts from HOME.

From what can be gathered from the Silmarillon, she was an Ainu but not allied to the Valar, nor to Melkor. Period.
Tyrhael - I thought I was the only one who had thought of that theory. I have explained it more fully in another thread on this forum somewhere. I didn't know it was mentioned in the books. Anyway the bottom line is she can only be an Ainur being that was before Ea but as to exactly what order there is no conclusion.
What was tulkas other than a spirit before he came to ea?
In sil it was said something about ea being a small kingdom. Perhaps ungoliant came from some other realm.
Lord of All ’ I got the theory from other people's posts on Perhaps you are a member there under another name?

Virumor ’ but who knows how CJRT edited that portion of the Silm.? HoME shows the Silmarillion in its various stages ’ indeed, that quote itself was from a note commenting on a portion of the Quenta Silmarillion found in MR. I don't understand how providing more than one theory for something is less than ideal ’ the people of PT may have come to a consensus that she was a Maia, but not the entire online Tolkien community agrees.
The Ainur descending into Ea can take whatever shape they want to...they can choose to be unseen or be an elf(like Melian).Ungoliant was said to be one of those corrupted by Mogoth but soon she she went a seperate way...Ungoliant probably did took the form of a spider to express her own power in her appearance...DARKNESS...
Since her power includes things related destruction like Mogoth's...she could be one of his people in the timeless halls before the music was even made...she definitely was not very powerful at first as she did fear Morgoth when he first came to make a deal with her to help him smite Laurelin and Telperion...but after draining the tree's light and the dwells of Varda,she became more powerful that even Morgoth neede the aid of his orcs to prevent Ungoliant from taking away the silmarils...