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does anyone know a website where i can download the audio book of the silmarillion
I dont think that you can download it from any legal sites. But dont dispair. These days audiobooks are not so expensive and i think that you could buy one for less than 10 euros or something like that. If you are cheap you could try using some of the file downloading programs like bitcomet etc.
I was justing thinking about downloading the audio book of The Silmarillion from any website! It seems hard for me now to look for one...
Use the links in the audio book ads at the top and bottom of this page and then wade through them to find what you want; though I doubt if you'll find a free download of The Silmarillion that isn't pirated, and we frown on pirated copies of anything.
I have the 13 CD set of the Silmarillion and it only cost $50 Canadian 5 years ago.
I seriously doubt that you would find a free download of it due to copyright and most governments are cracking down on it, even on the web.

I checked and they list used books dealers who have it for as little as $28US. Check it out. Now that is a deal.

The set is well worth the money!