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i read somewhere that saouron went to numenor and demanded a temple to be built for either himself or morgoth.

can someone tell me whare it says this and explain and clarify it, please
Appendix A in The Return of the King mentions: 'Then Ar-Pharaz’n in the folly of his pride carried him [Sauron] back as prisoner to N’menor.' In the Akallab’th it is told that Sauron secretly received it gladly, for it chimed with his desire.

And he did cause a temple to be built there, within which began sacrifice to Melkor.
Yes you'll get more details in The Akallabeth in the sil.
I really like the Silmarillion. It's pretty cool isn't it? I would like the Akallabeth to become a movie for it is pretty spectacular if it was,even though the book is good enough.I really think that if they make the Akallabeth(Atalante) into the Movie they should link that to the Dagor Dagorath(The Last Batttle) and before Akallabeth they should put Earendil and the War of Wrath before it and before that the Fall of Doriath. It would be a nice Movie to watch wouldn't it? And about the fall of Numenor I think I have found a map about the Downfall of Numenor. P.S This map explains most of theAkkalabeth.Go to somewhere near the bottom then you will find 3310Ar-Prazon builds the great Armament, click map and presto!You got it! Cool Smilie
Whoa, that movie plot you just described would take about 15 hours! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I think just the story of Akallab’th alone could easily fill up a three hour movie. In order to tell the story "right", they would need to include a lot: pretty much the entire reign of Ar-Pharaz’n, starting with him marrying his cousin and usurping the kingship. They would have to show the capture of Sauron, Pharaz’n's descent into evil, the persecution of the Faithful, Isildur stealing the fruit of the White Tree, the building of the temple & destruction of the Tree, the building of the ships & assault of Valinor, and of the course the final cataclysm and the escape of Elendil & his sons.

Obviously they could gloss over some of the details, but just covering all the basics would HAVE to take at least three hours to do it justice. And yes, that would be one heck of a movie!! I'm picturing the ending, with Elendil & Co. landing safely in Middle-Earth, and you think everything is going to be fine... but then it cuts back to where Numenor was -- you see Sauron's spirit rising up from the water, as he escapes the drowning and heads back to Middle-Earth, evil laughter echoing all about as the movie fades to black. Talk about an ominous ending! That would certainly set the stage for a sequel about The Last Alliance, Sauron's defeat, and the loss of the Ring.

Man, I should work in Hollywood! Too bad I'm not a screenwriter, eh? Cool Elf Smilie