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Thread: who is the mightiest mariner?

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Iam currntly reading the silmarillion and i have one question so far, ive read somemore after it like 10 pages but it didnt explain, on page 114 just before chaptor twelve it says save the mightiest mariner of song, it doesnt say who that is, correct me if im wrong though maybe somehow i missed it i was thinking it could be cirdan shipwright?
This should not be something revealed in any Tolkien forum in my opinion (to someone on his or her first reading I mean).

I would suggest that you first absorb and enjoy the book Smile Smilie
I could tell you if you really want to know, but like Galin said, I think you should maybe read the rest of the book first because the answer is in there. You might enjoy it more that way instead of having someone just tell you.
Agreed! and I added 'enjoy' to my earlier post due to Tin’viel's response, as you surely will Smile Smilie
Okay! Wink Smilie
After you finish The Silmarillion Maroc, how about giving us your take on the answer to your question as well as your reasoning.
It's not like there are many shipwraiths mentioned anyway: there're only nine.
It hasn't said yet, he'll show up sooner or later. Tolkien does that a lot. Mentions something that you don't find out about till later. It's a kind of forshadowing, I guess.
Hi i am the new guy but i think that i might know how is the mightiest mariner ever and has a direct relationship to even King Turgon of Gondolin.
Me thinks it might be E’rendil who undertook a five year voyage aboard the good ship Vingilot to boldly go where no man has gone before; through the final frontier seeking the saving grace of the Valar; and ended up sailing the among the stars, forever.

Or maybe he was the biggest loser, like it only took the second place mariner, Odysseus ten years to get back home; E’rendil never made it.

And then there is Ar-Pharaz’n who assembled the mightiest fleet to conquer to Valinor; but was such a poor sailor that all his ships were swamped at sea and never heard of again. So he wasn't much of a mariner.

Seriously, I think King Tar-Aldarion of N’menor was the greatest mariner; though the worst lover, as pointed out in the tale of 'Aldarion and Erendis' in Unfinished Tales.
I seriously think that it is Earendil the greatest mariner. For one because of his great voyage to Valinor to ask for aid and pardon for the children of Illuvatar where he rode through the enchanted islands and second because of his great voyages in the void in Vingilot.
I'd like a trip to the void in vingilot :P
Miss'd ya thorin Smile Smilie