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After the Great Themes were presented to the Ainu; it is said that some of Ainu went into Arda because they wished to participate in it's histories and so they become "time-clad" and their fates were tied to Arda.

My question is..
When the Ainu "descended"; was their own presence within Arda already a part of the Music, essentially bonding them to the fate that they had set for themselves in their Music?
Does their presence there intonate that they are still "above it all" and can thus change things in the already created Music?
Does their presence there intonate that they are still "above it all" and can thus change things in the already created Music?

They can make no changes that do not have their source in Il’vatar, and above that they can't change anything in the Music without Il’vatar's consent. For instance, if Tuor being counted amongst Elves is such a 'change', Il’vatar needed to be called for that.

After all, after the Music of the Ainur it was Il’vatar who spoke 'E’' and let things be. The Ainur did not have that power.
Would a "Change in Music" then be considered something like the building of the Lamps? If so were the Lamps already part of the Music or are the Lamps are new part of the Music because the Ainu had become within the Music's manifestation already?

I think the notion comes down to; Did the Ainu sing themselves into their own Music... meaning sing of their own Presence within Arda... Or was there going down to participate another thing entirely.

My inkling is that The Music contains everything to happen in Ea from the beginning to the end of time.. I would imagine that this would include the presence of the Ainu themselves was included... in other words.. they set the course of their own destiny on Arda and then went down to "Live it out".

Perhaps this boils down to a question of "The Free-Will of the Ainu".
The Ainu were not aware of the scheme of Eru to manifest Ea... only that they wanted to sing.

There are plenty of stories where a fate or a doom or a prophecy ends up coming true because the ones about whom it was made exercised their free will. How much more would the music they chose to make -- either their own or what they heard from Illuvitar -- be made manifest by their own free choice?
The first Music played was the one by Il’vatar for the Ainur: this was the perfect theme.

The Music played by the Ainur (and which they had to achieve after Il’vatar spoke 'E’') was their interpretation of Il’vatar's theme, but Melkor was the only one who incorporated themes of his own design conflicting with Il’vatar's grand design and disrupting the Music.

So everything that unfolded throughout the history of Arda was an attempt to achieve the Ainur's interpretation (marred by Melkor) of Il’vatar's perfect theme.

As for 'predestiny' vs 'free will': those two are not mutually exclusive. Even if for instance Mandos knew that F’anor would refuse to give up his Silmarils, this does not mean that F’anor was forced to choose like he did.