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Thread: Yavanna's Plant Life

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Before the coming of the Sun, what process did the plants of Arda use to obtain their energy? Can we have photosynthesis without sunlight? Or were her early plants actually fungi?
There was the light of the Two Lamps, after these were destroyed all plants on Arda save for the ones in Valinor were put in slumber and hence didn't indulge in photosynthesis until the sun was put up.
According to the Legend of the Awakening of the Quendi (albeit a child's tale mingled with counting lore) there is Day and Night, and seasons, before the Elves even awoke (Imin, Tata, Enel awoke in the early twilight before dawn).

You must be referring to the beautiful story (a mix of Elvish and N’men’rean elements) where the Sun is a flower of one of the Two Trees. Yes, in that story the Sun came later.

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There's mention in the Silmarillion that Nessa danced on the grass of Almaren, also mention of spirits being summoned to inhabit the kelvar & olvar, hence there was definitely more around than fungi prior to Arien mounting her ship Orangina.

Furthermore, allusions were made to the Quendi fearing Melkor's beasts lurking in forests surrounding Cuivi’nen.
Should we assume then, that we have in The Silmarillion another enigmatic mythology where neither science nor religion can reconcile the created universe without the help of the other.
If i remember correctly Vir is right about the lamps. They provided the light for the growth of the plants as afterwards it is said that Yavanna put a sleepness spell on her plants while there was darkness.
I also agree with Vir.