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...THE SILMARILLION comitted to film at some point...

Since we have all been seeing the gradual evolution of Tolkien's universe in retro-active mode of late from the LOTR's trilogy to the nowsoon-to-be HOBBIT trilogy (potentially) I am keen, intrigued and interested to see if this grand sweep of creative flair cannot be channeled towards THE SIMARILLION (I hope I spelt that right,appologies for my lack of Tolkien word use...honest!
:-) ) This I realise would be a stupendeous challenge but I see it as a way of bringing to the screen - at least the first couple of chapters - something akin to the abstracted visuals in 2001: A Space Odyssey more-or-less towards the "Trip Through The Star Gate" sequence and the abstracted visuals of the beginnings of the universe and such.

I'm sure you can get where I'm going with this and the potential "Genisis-like" story telling of sorts not that I am religious or anything but the visual spectacle of this commited to screen aiding to the fact that everything in THE SILMARILLION world is,for the large part,SUPER-SIZED! The film experience potential as well as any attempt to even cature such visuals and commit them to screen for us to as film-goers to bear witness to would be JAW-DROPPING!!! :-o and thats putting it mildly...hope there are some others out ther who share this similar type of gigantic vision! :-) Think about for just a minute...It would be utterly MIND-BLOWING!!!

In my glee of imagining what it would be like to see THE SILMARILLION put to screen I may not have added that I realize it is so huge-an-idea the only way to logically view it would be as an EPIC mini-series...yet a mini-series with a difference. Each chapter could in theory be given an hour and a half to two hours screen time even two and a half hours...maybe stretching to three!

But the reasoning behind it is to spend alot of time establishing the UNIVERSE and I mean that in the sense that the "Genisis" of Tolkiens LOTR universe and all the magic and mystisim that he speaks of in the begining of THE SILMARILLION and where the origins of such power came from and more importantly as the "hypothetical mni-series" progresses the clear brewing devisions that slowly begin to transpire between opposing forces-to-be Iluvitar ( I appologise to Tolkien afficianado's if I may at times get a few things mis-spelt o.k. :-) ) and Melkor? He who then goes on to become Morgoth when he distances himself from the rest of Iluvitar's childeren and their music to creat more of his own with light and is then cast down to the proto-Earth to forever walk it's surface and he then darkens the land for challenging Iluvitar's will? ( I hope I'm
at least nearly right o.k. guy's... :-) )

I think the great thing is that this entire endeavour,if it would happen by some miricale and by some stroke of genius,could then over the course of the twenty chapters as I belive are in the book( again, appologies if some of my Tolkien facts are not accurate in one or two areas at the present ) could then be played out in the cinema one by one and/or as well as upon the television.Then as each next episode comes along the first could still be playing so some could migrate from one episode onto the next and the next and so on and so forth.These all could theoretically be put on a vast THE SILMARILLION DVD maybe three box set edition or six depending up on how vast the subject matter they potential producers of such an enterprise would choose to use in the final product, you know.

So granted I realize that size and scale are a STUPEDOUS obstacle here for the realization of THE SILMARILLION to be comitted to film - and when I say:"comitted to film" I'm talking purely about capturing it as a whole and as an entire series of MAMMOTH mini-movies one after another in sucsession would remain-to-be-seen everyday you dare to dream that you are going to make it as somebody who creates something great one day.It would be one of my many dreams to see THE SILMARILLION comitted to some kind of film one day... an even bigger
dream of mine is that I had some part to play in that creation whether it be as a crewman or something in the creative visuals department... or something.

One last thing,I've often come across a few "nay-sayers" who have said that THE SILMARILLION is UTTERLY UNFILMABLE!!! It's funny 'cos many have said over the years one,such noteable candidate being Tolkien himself,that THE LORD OF THE RINGS themselves could not be filmed... EVER!!! Well... people... due to in part to digital and the will to believe that it can be done I think that "nay-sayer" it-can't-be-done attitude has been proved COMPLETELY and UTTERLY WRONG!!! The only real problem would be to get the family of the Tolkien estate's blessing,and as respectful of their privacy and dignity and to the memory of Tolkien himself,it would be frustrating to stall the development of their relatives literary works into the moving image realm for such matters as trivial as littigation,privacy agreements,funding and rites.Surely any level-headed producer/director,distributor and rites holder can come to rational decisions about such things.

And even getting such a project off of the ground is really not so far-retched and idea as you might at first think.Sergio Leone who did the Dollars Trilogy with Clint Eastwood ( A Fistful Of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More,The Good,The Bad And The Ugly ) also did One Upon A Time In The West and subsequently went on to make One Upon A Time In The Revolution and eventually to make Once Upon A Time In America finally completeing his "America Trilogy".So by the same ethos the same rules could be applied to this particular endeavour yet he took ten years to finish the America Trilogy where-as now we have the digital age at our disposal so a lot of logistics could be cut by half in the grand-scheme-of-things.Yes,I know I seem a bit of a dreamer and perhaps come across like that a little but you know what... It feel's good to dream a little! Doesn't it... :-) Thanks guy's for reading.... I appriciate it! Come and chat to me about it people! Look forward to your comentary... :-)