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In The Silmarillion, when Tolkien writes about how Melkor was captured, he says: "and he [Melkor] was brought to the Ring of Doom." This is before the forging of the rings, so it isn't talking about THE ring. So what is Tolkien talking about here?
A Place.
well im glad we cleared that up
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Eruheran's got it right that it was a place, but to be more precise it was in the Undying Lands, an area surrounding Telperion and Laurelin where the Valar and assorted Maiar held council. In this instance it was to decide what to do with Morgoth.

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That is a place known as Mahanaxar, where the Valar sat to council. It is said to be before Corollaire, the mound of the Two Trees. Not surrounding them!
So why was it called the ring of doom?
Probably because Elves like to sound cool.
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I imagine that doom in this sense is used like fate, because what would be decided in that place would affect the whole of Arda, and therefore its fate.
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And Justice delivered!! Doom for persons like Morgoth!
The Ring of Doom was outside the golden western gates of the city of the Valar. Here the Powers gathered to hold their great councils, bathed in the light of the Two Trees while those Trees still stood, and here some of the most momentous decisions of Arda's history were made.
I guess

Wonderful; the way you portray those hallowed meetings gives me shivers. Imagine , in the shadow of those immortal trees as it were. I cannot even grasp what that must have looked like, the ambience of the place. wow.

The Ring Of Doom was mentioned a number of times in the Sil-  Feanor and his Noldor followers were summoned to it after the first strife leading up to their exile.  The Valar held council there after the slaying of the two trees.  It was a kind of court I suppose.  It sounds sinister, however the word Doom was used by Tolkien, in this case in its correct meaning of fate.  Ring of Fate doesnt sound as important does it.

You should be able to find a map of the undying lands which marked its possition.