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Alright, I'm confused.
I was just looking over a map of Middle Earth and of Beleriand,and I notice in Beleriand, the mountains of Ered Luin are in the very far east, but in Middle Earth, they're in the very far west. Was ALL of Beleriand swallowed up by Iluvatar?????? that part always confused me!
Iluvatar had nothing to do with it, but all of Beleriand except for the area of Ossiriand (called Lindon in the Third Age) was destroyed in the War of Wrath. The Blue Mountains to the east of Beleriand are the same Blue Mountains to the west of Eriador. If you get the chance to look at [i:nd50lq39]The Atlas of Middle-earth[/i:nd50lq39] by Karen Wynn Fonstad (a generally accurate Tolkien scholar and cartographer) she stitches together the First and Third Age maps along the line of the Blue Mountains in order to give a single, larger map.
On a sor tof related point, if memory serves Ossiriand is one of the places the ent-wives may have gone- meaning sadly there is a good chance they all got drowned by the sea!! Seems a bit harsh mind and a bit upsetting for Yavanna yopu would think- wonder if she got annoyed at Eru for it.
I don't recall reading about that, though there were regular Ents in Ossiriand, or at least the forests south(west) of it. In one version of "The Ruin of Doriath" Beren's ambush of the Dwarves who had the Nauglamir was carried out with the help of Ents.
Yes, geography is important in Tolkien... mmmm... :ugeek: Yes, I agree with you Eldo and Mr Tyrant! :ugeek: Worth more thought... yes... indeed... :ugeek: Geography was it? ... Oh yes.... I will have to think more about this, I do believe... :mrgreen:
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