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Thread: Dragon Helm of Dor-lómin

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Just wanted to know what you guys think about Alan Lee's depiction of the "Helm of Hador" seen here: ... n_Helm.jpg

It looks awesome but I was never sure what to make of this line in the helms description:

"It had a visor (after the manner of those that the Dwarves used in their forges for the shielding of their eyes), and the face of one that wore it struck fear into the hearts of all beholders, but was itself guarded from dart and fire."

Lee's depiction doesn't seem to have a "visor." What do you think?
I like Lee's depictions of the Helm, especially the full-colour ones in [i:2ujgw9ca]The Children of Hurin[/i:2ujgw9ca]. I can live with his amazing art not being accurate and just add the visor in with my imagination. <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
Looks Roman. Not quite what I think Tolkien had in mind, but still pretty sweet 8-) .

[quote="Gandalfs Beard":1q0vsx6t]Looks Roman.[/quote:1q0vsx6t]

I hadn't though of it before you mentioned it, but it looks a lot like a [url=]centurion's helmet[/url:1q0vsx6t] with a dragon instead of a crest.
Indeed :ugeek: . I think Tolkien was aiming for a Medieval Helmet with a Dragonish shaped visor that would strike fear into the hearts of enemies.

I have heard that it was inspired by by the [url=]Sutton Hoo helmet[/url:1os0nv2a] (or similar artifacts), though I don't know how accurate that is. In any event, the face-mask on the Sutton Hoo helmet evokes the Dwarvish battle masks to me, and it was Dwarves who made the Dragon-helm.
Now picture that with a more dragonish visor (sorry, I've been searching for an image but haven't found one yet).

I think I can do that. 8-) All in all a pretty intimidating piece of armour.
The helm looks celtic
The roman helmet was inspired by the war helmets of the Peloponesians. I see this depiction as being more Hoplite but with this Celtic twist.

As to the written description, I cannot get a welders visor out of my head <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />