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finally comes a movie of The Silmarillion.Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie This is what I could find about it: New Zealand’s best known movie maker will film an $800 million adaptation of JR Tolkiens book The Silmarillion it was revealed today. The announcement was made by Robert Shaye, co-CEO of New Line Cinema who will be funding and distributing the five films.‘We are pleased to announce that we now own the adaptation rights to this book and that Peter Jackson has agreed to produce and direct it,’ Shaye said.While the rights to Tolkien book The Hobbit were recently sold off for multi-million dollar sums Shaye told reporters that The Silmarillion was ‘surprisingly cheap.’‘Nobody owned it,’ Shaye said. ‘The Tolkien estate gave it to us for virtually nothing. Isn’t that crazy?’Details of the adaptation are scare. It is understood that it will consist of five films, each roughly twenty hours long – although it is understood that the initial cinematic releases might be edited down to less than a dozen hours.The first film, Ainulindalë is scheduled for release in 2018 but already fans of Jackson and Tolkien are buzzing with anticipation.‘This is going to be totally awesome,’ wrote independent film critic Harry Knowles on his popular web-review site ‘I can’t wait to see the scene where Eru is singing and the rest of the Ainur join in but Melkor wants to sing his own song. That is just gonna be balls-to-the-wall f**king amazing – especially if the rumours about Christopher Walken playing Melkor are true. Christopher Walken rocks!’It is also understood that Jackson is planning to move away from digital representations of large battles – many of which occur in the third film, the Quenta Silmarillion. ‘What we did with Lord of the Rings was groundbreaking at the time but is now standard in the industry,’ said a spokesperson for Weta workshop. ‘What Peter hopes to do this time around is film real battles with real weapons and real carnage.’The Screen Actors Guild has yet to comment on Jacksons plan to butcher his cast but legions of Tolkien fans are signing up to die for the film.‘I’d like to be eaten by a Balrog in the Battle of Sudden Flame, but I’ll probably end up being stabbed by some Orc,’ said one fan. ‘But that’s okay too.’Jackson will need to keep some Tolkien fanatics alive, since all dialog in the film will be delivered in the fictional languages Quenya and Eldarin. The movies will not feature subtitles.‘If that’s Peter’s vision then that’s what we want to do,’ Bob Shaye told reporters at a post-announcement press conference. ‘As far as I’m concerned it’s now Peter’s eight hundred million dollars and I know he’ll make five great movies with it.’Shaye also admitted that he personally had not found time to read The Silmarillion but he was not concerned about its commercial prospects.‘Peter Jackson and Tolkien,’ he said. ‘How can you go wrong?’

has long been known that a film would come but I did notindecision

The thing is this work above all else is from the very heart and soul of JRR Tolkien. I am quite sure that his very heart would be broken if anything was changed or added or subtracted. It would be to him like throwing mud upon a host of heaven. I truly have problems with a lot Peter does and especially Fran Walsh and the way she messes things up , in my opinion. I feel dreadfully sad.Oh I am sure it will have all the right pizzaz but I think the characters in the Silmarillion itself would be anything but pleased if these works get the same treatment as LOTR.

I wait with baited breath for more news on this.  It seems very strange to me that the rights would have been sold off "cheaply"  20 hour long movie....  90 plus hour series....  Im a huge JRRT fan but cant imagine siting in a cinema for 20hrs.  This would be financial suicide for the studio and cinema's as most people will wait for DVD release or download and watch in the comfort of their own homes.

Gosh I just realized that in another thread we all debated this and an estimated length of around 100hrs for any film to do it justice was spoken of....  Could it be that movie bloggers are spying on the good people of Planet Tolkien??? lol

'it seems to me difficult for such a long movie in the cinema show. Maybe get the movie again split into a few parts

we should have to wait until 2018 but first The Hobbitindecision

Someone is having a joke here I would say.

This information hails from a site that notes the post is filed under 'movies, satire' and is dated May 2008.

I went to the Tolkien Society page, the Tolkien Family Estate page and so many other sites I feel quite worn out and could find nothing on the rights or sale and so I know nothing. It just seems horrible and fantastic that JRR Tolkiens first work which also ended up being his unfinished last work, then so lovingly pieced together by Christopher and filled in painstakingly in the manner his father would have approved could then be handed over to someone not interested in the actual integrity of the body of work. I think Peter is very good at what he does, he is gifted, but I dont believe he is dedicated to Tolkien or the integrity of his work, it is merely a money making thing that will garner him praise and status. Many of those who go to see his work will probably never have read a line of the Silmarillion, so to them it will be just another fantasy thing. I just feel sad if this is true, but we will see.

It's not true Leelee


This information appears to come from a satirical post, posted back in 2008

Oh what a blessed relief, the joy of your words overwhelm me. If you were here, I should give you the biggest hug. Thank you so very much.

My guess is that Christopher Tolkien will see to it that The Silmarillion and other books he has published will remain under copyright protection for as long as the law allows. I note that as soon as The Childrin of Hurin was published the Tolkien Estate FAQ explained that there are no plans to sell the rights for a film.


Also, Christopher Tolkien has made a public statement concerning film in general and The Lord of the Rings, which to my mind implies that the Estate would not have sold the rights to this tale if they had still owned them -- so especially while Christopher Tolkien is alive, I very much doubt any filmmakers will be getting their hands on The Silmarillion, or any of the long prose tales like the Narn, or Beren and Luthien, or the Fall of Gondolin.


I think Adam Tolkien will have a strong voice in the future -- with another guess being that he (hopefully, in my opinion) agrees with what I'm guessing are his father's wishes. I doubt if JRR Tolkien would have sold any rights back when he did, if not for the tax laws (of the day) and his publishers.