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Yes I know it sounds foreign and taboo but, you ever think that Middle Earth, was shown to Tolkien in dreams and or visions? Somewhat like any other religion and spiritual path in the world (at least once or twice).

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It has been shown in multiple threads on PT that Tolkien was a practicing Roman Catholic and did not allow of any "visions"--except in the literary sense--which influenced his work.  Anyone touting contrary theories is using Tolkien's works for their own ends, not for the story or themes they actually convey.


Jesus was not Christian, nor his disciples, Muhammad was not Islamic. His "vision" started with a language his head. Not too different than Revelations being revealed through a vision, or many shaman and mythological references. One does not have to be aware of what they are doing in order to do it.

If Tolkien's Middle Earth was in any way Christian it was only in it's original Pagan form.    

Locking the thread. We don't allow religious discussions on the forum (for the obvious reasons), even in relation to or in the context of Tolkien's works! Thank you