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dont shoot me the silmarillion this book is based on before say tH and LotR?

Yes The Silmarillion begins with Tolkien's myth of creation and includes events and characters who lived before the First Age of the Sun even, including the 'gods' (so called by Men) as well as Elves, and eventually Men.

Feanor's Silmarils are a notable part of the tale, thus Quenta Silmarillion 'Tale of the Silmarils'

Frodo lived in the Third Age of course, although The Silmarillion also has a section relating certain events of the Second Age, called AkallabĂȘth, and the last part, called Of The Rings Of Power And The Third Age... well, delves into the Third Age.

Very generally speaking!

so its worth a read Smile Smilie

It's a very different read compared to The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings, but it is my kind of book in any case, and I loved it from the start.

I would certainly give it a try if you love Tolkien, although admittedly some seem to find The Silmarillion daunting, as there are many names to remember for example.

Taste in books is quite subjective of course, but don't expect The Lord of the Rings here. And maybe check out the beginning of Appendix A in The Return of the King for some, but not all, brief mentions concerning the First Age.

The Silmarillion is basically many stories put in one book.

sounds good Smile Smilie

sounds good Smile Smilie

Welcome to the site, Jackagon. A few years ago we ran a reading discussion group around the Silmarillion. If you decide to read the book but struggle with a few of the names or places etc, it might be worth you having a peek at some of the posts in the discussion threads - they are organized so that each assignment corresponds to that chapter in the Silmarillion. They can be found further down the board in an section called Reading Discussion Groups.

^^An excellent suggestion, wish I knew about that my first time reading it.

I just ended up having two bookmarks at the beginning and at the end of the glossary, so whenever I didn't recognize something, I'd flip to one of those (whichever was closest to what I was looking for) and then searched for the term.

Needless to say I was flipping back to the glossary/index/family trees at least once or twice per page. Total PIA,  but well worth it in the end.