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Thread: Bodies of Children of Hurin

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Do you think the bodies of Turin and Morwen were still buried on Tol Morwen in the Third Age? Just a curiosity.

Well i believe if my Silmarillion knowledge is still incorrupt, that Nienor threw herself into a river and killed herself. Turin was buried there and Morwen. So if they remain is a question, but Beleriand was sunk under water after the breaking of Thangorodrim so they are really under the waters of the Great Sea.

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I thought the Stone of the Hapless, where they were buried survived the destruction of Beleriand during and after the War of Wrath and became known as the island of Tol Morwen. I thought Turin and his mother were buried next to or beneath that stone in which case I always wondered if any of their remains were still there during the Third Age.

Hello Essenya [interesting Elvish 'name' by the way]. Yes Tol Morwen at least was said to have survived the sinking of Beleriand.

'... nor ever thrown down, not though the Sea should drown all the land. As indeed after befell, and still the Tol Morwen stands alone in the water beyond the new coasts that were made in the days of the wrath of the Valar. But Húrin does not lie there, for his doom drove him on, ...'
JRRT The Wanderings of Húrin

It seems that 'what survived of Beleriand' is quite a confusing matter in general if we look at all the pertinent texts published in The History of Middle-Earth volumes, even according to Christopher Tolkien I would say. But Tol Morwen is one of the relatively 'later' references if I recall correctly...

... I mean compared to the matter of 'Himling' for example.

I always imagined that Ulmo, as well as helping cause the devastation of the coasts, would have cherished and protected such hallowed places and perhaps kept them whole and incorrupt, beneath his waves and waters. The stone could still stand beneath the shallow seas off the coast.

I agree Brego and now that I've refreshed my mind about the events of the book, wasn't it Ulmo who helped Húrin and Huor by conjuring up a mist, so that they could escape the forces of Morgoth? Still, I believe their grave could still exist, despite the devastation.