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My gf is a big fan of The SIlmarillion (as am I), so she made these Trees of Valinor inspired pendant. She made a lot of different version of it, I can post others too, if you'd like Smile Smilie I think they're amazing Smile Smilie.

They look amazing!
Thank you =).

Here's another one. This one has glass beads, hope you like it =).

Not bad looking pendants at all, I wish I had one myself. Lucky my life is still under protection of the thunder god Thor, for I wear a silver mjÃlnir pendant in my neck day n' night. That aside, those look real awesome. Thanks for sharing, Basti. Smile Smilie

These are rather stunning. Has she done any other works like these?
Lovely. Might I ask what tools are used in making this kind of pendant?