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I haven't actually come across Kortirion in UT, Beleg.

Tirion is a city built by the Vanyar and Noldor when they first came to Valinor. It was originally the city of Ingwe, but after the Vanyar departed to be closer to Manwe, it became the city of Finwe and later Finarfin.

I'm not too sure about the early works of Tolkien as I'm still trying to decypher HOME, but there is mention of Kortirion in the Book of Lost Tales. In these books, which contain some of Tolkien's early workings of what would become the Silmarillion, the world is viewed through the eyes of a human mariner named Eriol. He discovered a strange island and was taught many things by its inhabitants who were faerie.

In this version Kortirion is a town built by the returning Noldor on Tol Eressea because they could not return to Valinor. I'm not sure from this early working whether Kortirion and Tirion itself are actually the same city or not.

In these early works, by the way, Tolkien seems to be founding his world of Middle Earth in the real world, and Eriol was a human from our world who met the elves. Tol Eressea is still the same island used by Ulmo to transport the Elves to Valinor, but in this version he moves it back to Middle Earth once more in order to transport an army of Elves to face Melkor. When he tries to move it back West once more, part of the island snaps off and becomes Ireland. The bulk of the island becomes Britain, with Kortirion in the present position of Warwick.

Obviously, Tolkien made many changes over the years and Eriol never made it into the Silmarillion. As I mentioned, Kortirion may have evolved over time into Tirion.
Thanks, Val.

I like the UT because it has lots of quirks like that. I particularly like the bit about the gnomes. I can't imagine people in LotR walking around talking about the elves as gnomes: "This here is the land of the gnome Galadriel." Big Laugh Smilie

In the poem it talks about how men inhabit Kortirion, and the elves are departing, which sounds like a city in ME. But Tirion itself is in Valinor (On Tuna, if I remember rightly). Perhaps Tolkien first had Tirion (Warwick) in Middle Earth, then moved it to Tol Eressea, and then to Tuna.

One of the things I love about Tolkien is that he makes everything so epic. Fallen cities, elven kings, Dark Lords, and all the time and care he went to in order to create the ME.
I like the UT because it has lots of quirks like that. I particularly like the bit about the gnomes.
Is this Unfinished Tales or the Book of Lost Tales that you are refering to Beleg?
Kortirion only shows up in the Books of Lost Tales and it is on the island while Tirion was on Aman.

Obviously Beleg_Strongbow has his Tales confused, unless Christopher has hidden something in the UT notes, in which case we will learn some new stuff.

The Atlas of M-e on page 38, has mapped the island with a few word about Kortirion on page 37 with notes and references back to The Book of Lost Tales, Vol. I and II.
The first post was correct, but in the second I did get a bit mixed up! I recently read a version of UT and it had the poem about Kortirion in there, but I have also seen it in the Book of Lost Tales. With so many books, I do get confused sometimes.
No problem Beleg_Strongbow, I often get confused about which member said or did what, not to mention something that happened in which book when. In my case a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. All we can do is try, which is usually better than doing nothing. I suppose I should read my Lost Tales II again, as I haven't read them for years and my LT I is hiding in an unaccessible corner.