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I have read the Dutch version of Unfinisd Tales (I'm from The Netherlands) what struck me is that in Chapter VI is a piece about The Elessar. it is said that Mithrandir (Gandalf) also be called Oloron. but I had read that sometimes Gandalf or Mithrandir also known under the name: Olorin. what is the good name Olorin or Oloron I was wondering whether that is the case also in the English version sorry for the spelling errors

Hi Arwen, the correct spelling is Olórin (and the acute accent over the second vowel just means that this vowel is long).              

Incidentally if we had an Oloron it could be Quenya , as -on is a masculine ending -- but again the right name is Olórin in any case.  More on the 'dream' aspect More         

thanks for the information.
is written in the English version also Olórin and Oloron.

There's no Oloron in the English version of Unfinished Tales.


Not that I've ever seen anyway

I have seen only Olorin.


Also, the second vowel being long means (with respect to this name and primary stress) we should have a pronunciation of olOrin.

Which is how I have always pronounced it.  Thank you.


Interesting Arwen.  Ill keep an eye out for this possible typo....

Speaking of translations, did you know that Queen Margrethe of Denmark is associated with the Danish translation of The Lord Of The Rings.  I remember reading that she had translated the words, however Wiki states she also added some illustrations,,,,

Must be a ver clever woman!

The official danish royal website says nothing about her translating LOTR. But it is true that she made illustrations for LOTR (under the name Ingahild Grathmer). And the one ill. I saw was pretty darn good if you ask me!

And she has translated other works, and she speaks 5 languages.  

Interesting I did not know she speaks 5 languages.
Thanks again for all the information

Yes she does sem to be quite an amazing woman!