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I've answered the first part of this one for you Aule in the History of section > About the Final Battle. For a far shorter answer.... Page 76, notes 34-36.

The second part can be found on pages 399-400. Here it is comparing the powers of Melkor with those of Sauron.
Melkor incarnated himself (as Morgoth) permanently. He did this so as to control the hroa, the flesh, or physical matter of Arda. He attempted to identify himself with it. A vaster, and more perilous procedure, though of a similar sort to the operations of Sauron with the Rings. Thus, outside the Blessed Realm, all matter was likely to have a "Melkor ingredient", and those who had bodies, nourished by the hroa of Arda, had as it were a tendancy, small or great, towards Melkor.....

....Manwe's task and problem was much more difficult than Gandalf's. Sauron's, relatively smaller, power was concentrated; Morgoth's vast power was disseminated. The whole of Middle Earth was Morgoth's Ring, though temporarily his attention was mainly upon the North-west....

.... Moreover the final eradication of Sauron (as a power directing evil) was achievable by the destruction of the Ring. No such eradication of Morgoth was possible, since this required the complete disintegration of the matter of Arda.

It's a long rambling text, but basically it implies that where Sauron concentrated his powers into one band of gold, Melkor spread his far and wide into every piece of matter in Arda.
Heheheheh cool! Thanks Val for the info!