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I was just wondering what you all though of Roverandom.
I havent read it and don't know what it is about.

Would you like to give us a review towards unticeing us to read it Question Smilie
I havent read it and don't know what it is about.

Would you like to give us a review towards unticeing us to read it
Likewise, Beleg. Until the success of the films encouraged the publishers to churn out en masse anything Tolkien, it was one of those I'd never even heard about. If you get a chance, post a critical review.
Roverandom, is a story that Tolkien wrote for his son Michael. They were at a beach and Michael had a little toy dog that he lost somewhere on the beach. Michael was very upset over it so Papa made up a story about the adventures that the dog, which he named Rover, might be having. Rover's adventures take him to the moon and under the sea, and other places as well. He meets other dogs, and people and even a couple of wizards or three. Most of the people are good, but there are bad guys as well. It is a very sweet and adorable story and like Beleg_Strongbow said one of the best fariy stories ever. It was definitely written for children, but all should enjoy it.

Sounds interesting, and fun! I’m looking forward to reading it sometime!
Read Smilie
I will also will keep my eyes open for Roverandom, as you have made it sound like a good read, especially as I read myself to sleep and it souds like the true bedtime story. Read Smilie Happy Elf Smilie
Like Mellie said, it is the story about a dog named Rover. He gets turned into a toy by Artaxerxes the wizard, and then is sold to a little boy who loses him on the beach.

One of the reasons I liked Roverandom is that Tolkien makes mention to history, and the real world, and other such stuff (i.e., dragons from King Arthur's days, famous storms, etc). Every time I read it I find some new allusion, and it makes reading it much more enjoyable. (Similar to The Hobbit's Origins of Golf!)

I found it at my library, though I have seen it in several bookstores as well (when I didn't have any money, drat the luck!)
it souds like the true bedtime story

It really is a great bedtime story. I really enjoyed reading it.
It's a very funny story! Very inteligent too. It has "word-games" (I don't know if it's the correct english expression, I want to say how Tolkien play with the words) and sutil references to historic happenings. We can see references to other Tolkien books (when Rover sees Valinor; when he sees the moon dragon, which picture is almost equal to Smaug; etc). The pictures were made by Tolkien himself.
You shall read it!!!
My birthday is February 10, 1992 so it just passed and I recieved Roverandom along with The Silmarrillion and The Illustrated version of The Hobbit for my birthday from my parents (out of the books that is I recieved some other cool stuff too but most people probably don't care) . I haven't read it yet, I have read The Hobbit then The Fellowship of the Ring and I just resently finished The Two Towers, Iread all these books right in a row, I couldn't stop!! Now I'm reading The Return of the King!!! I plan to read The Silmarrillion after I finish The Return of the King and then I will read Roverandom or I might read Roverandom at home and the other books while at school!! I don't know I'm just thinking aloud!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I agree with Mellie also but why I find the book so interesting and good is because what Tolkien did for his son , it maybe meant that his son could think about his toy with gladness instead of sadness. and it is true , it is a wonderful story for children. it is a funny story , not a sad one.
Have you read it yet Grondmaster ?
Yes, Roverandom is a very good book, much more fun and light than LotR. I believe that Tolkien did the illustrations for it himself. I haven't read it in a while, so I don't remember many details, but I do remember Psamathos (sp?) the sand wizard, who was very picky about people pronouncing his name correctly... Yeah. Very good book, everyone should read it.
You did get the spelling right, Eva. Smile Smilie And Tolkien did do the illustrations for the story himself. I thought this was a great story, even for all ages. I highly recommend it.
Having never seen the book, but taking you lots word that I need to read it, I just ordered it from Amazon. Happy Elf Smilie
I read Roverandom just a few weeks ago, and it's really a lovely book. It's certainly written for children, but that doesn't mean that grown-ups can't read it, too. I think it was C.S. Lewis who said, "A book isn't worth being read by a child if it can't be read by adults." or something like that. Anyway, he's perfectly right, so read and enjoy!