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Thanx for the info the hobbit Smoke Smilie , we will sure check what you have written Cool Smilie
So, thehobbit, what Tolkien Newspaper do you work for. Is it an online one or a groovy offline printed-on-paper one?
Hello there TheHobbit and welcome to PT! Waving Hello Smilie
You will have competition from our lovely councilmembers, who are doing their best to supply us with interesting and valuble news and information about Tolkien.
I'm curious to know though how you got to know of PT?

I will look forward to read any news you can provide us with, and be very thankful for the information as well! Smile Smilie
Well I can’t search for Tolkien on the web without finally landing on this marvellous site Aire....I mean that’s what I did....and thank Eru for thatWink Smilie
I havn't seen any of thehobbit's posts. I wonder if he forgot about PT?
I havn't seen any of thehobbit's posts. I wonder if he forgot about PT?
I reckon. He only posted twice and that was back in mid July.

I guess we should call this thread The Tale of Lost Thehobbit. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

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Hi guys. I love the Book of Lost Tales, and have created a blog and a Facebook page devoted to it. Please check them out / join / like, etc.

[Edit: links are not allowed here. The second link is to a save(save looking) website, so I think that's harmless. For more information about what is allowed and what's not, please read the RULES( ) ]

The Lost Tales are very under-read and unappreciated, and I hope more people will read them and love them.

Just joined. Looks good. Cheers Brego.

I also feel The Book of Lost Tales could be more widely discussed...

... and it does hold some wonderful ideas in my opinion, even if some (essentially) no longer exist in the Middle-earth Tolkien came to imagine much later.