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Cor - there's not much room for the subject, eh! Wink Smilie I'm not one who is easily understood at the best of times - need all the 'space' I can get! tee hee Dunce Smilie

I hope you are here because you can shed some light on the subject that you think you are here for!!

Before I start - Hello to all & hope you are well..... Waving Hello Smilie

Ok. I seem to have come across a little difficulty in finding certain books by 'our beloved'.
i.e: Mr Bliss... The Father Christmas Letters... A Tolkien Compass... The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth (Beorhthelm's son)....

I'm sure there were a few more, just don't have a list to hand.

Anyway... Some of them I was told were out of print Very Sad Smilie So, the whole point of this thread is to find out if any of you can shed any light!

I'm not desperate to go & find every single one right this minute, but I'd appreciate an idea of where I could start or at least .... well, any ideas, really!

There you have it - My first ever thread! Possibly not as entertaining as others, but not to worry. I'm sure when my comic genious kicks in there'll be lots to go around.... :-/ Shaking Head Smilie

Hope I haven't sent you all to sleep & that there is someone out there who can help.

Cheerio for now. xxx
Have you checked the Works List section on the left hand menu bar? Most of those books you mentioned have their IBSN number mentioned in there. I'd suggest running those numbers through Amazon.

Good Luck.
Woohoooo Legolasslass! Congrats on your first thread!
Don't think I've seen those books here either, and if I had they would probably be in Norwegian so it wouldn't help much. Wink Smilie
Cheers Val - I'll check those numbers!

Also - Thanks Amarie for just stopping by! Very nice to have your support! lol xxx
The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth (Beorhthelm's son)....
That story can be found in The Tolkien Reader along with 'Tolkien's Magic Ring' (Peater S. Beagle's essay), 'Tree and Leaf' ('On Fairy Stories' and 'Leaf by Niggle'), 'Farmer Giles of Ham' and 'The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and other verses from The Red Book'. This volume is a book worth buying and it has been reissued in English.
Thanks Grondmaster - I now have The Tolkien Reader down on my 'To Get' list!

Actually, since posting this thread, I've gone & joined ebay... I was only looking for a copy of Father Chritmas Letters.... Found a few other things on the way... & am patiently waiting Wary Smilie to find out if I've 'won' the bid for it! It's a copy printed in the year I was born too! Fab.

But thanks for the hints, I've copied the list of works here at PT & will, slowly but surely, get there eventually.

Take care all!

Ps - what do you think of my new avatar..? It's aptly entitled: 'Crazy Baby' < That'll do me! Big Laugh Smilie
Ps - what do you think of my new avatar..? It's aptly entitled: 'Crazy Baby' < That'll do me!

I didn't like to comment on it when I first saw it incase it was a picture of your own baby.... It looks to have a serious case of wind.
I agree, Val! Big Laugh Smilie

I thought the cross-eyed looney-look was a good representation of myself! But as you say - I could just have wind! Ha Ha Ha Smilie

By the way, if anyone is interested....
I won the bid!! (Father Christmas Letters, printed in the year I was born.... ebay..... bla bla)
You could say I'm as happy as a pig in... what pigs are said to be happy in!

Makes no difference to you lot, I suppose, but made me happy! Pary Smilie Read Smilie Wiggle Smilie

Take care all. x

How much did you pay for it in the end?
A tenner, Pere.... I believe that was ok..... It's 25 years old & you wouldn't believe the good condition it's in! I was presently surprised to say the least! The couple even knocked off 1/2 the P&P as it meant so much to me to own - I think I got a good deal, any-hoo.

Take care all.

Ebay is indeed a nice place to find nice Tolkien books... from very cheap to VERY expensive. It all depends what you are looking for. I started the same as most Tolkien collectors. Just wanted to read more Tolkien and have the books on my own bookshelves to be able to take my time. Then wanted to know lore about the man himself, then about his art, then i wanted older copies, first editions, signed copies, uncorrected proofs, original letters and documents.... aaarggg ...
now 16 years later i have over 2500 Tolkien related books. Hope you get the virus to!! Enjoy the ride...
Forgot to tell ... is also good place to find nice Tolkien!