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does anyone know about how rare tolkien first editions are? in my university library i've found a first of 'tree and leaf', it's the one that's got 'on fairy stories' and 'leaf by niggle'. it's in fairly good condition and i was just wonderin if it's especially rare or pretty common. it was printed 1964 so it's not especially early.

What about any other books, i know the LOTR manuscrips got bought by americans years ago and are in a museum, but are there any first editions kicking around and what are my chances of happening upon on at a car boot sale?
Hi there Aminal.... Are you knew to PT? - If so - A big & hearty welcome!! Waving Hello Smilie

Hmm, first editions.... I think you'd find many of them @ boot sales like you said & there are quite a few around. Don't get me wrong - I am no expert but I recently joined ebay to find many-a-tolkien-book. It has to be said though - I think the 'hype' of the films have brought out all those who owned them & are now 'cornering' the market, so to speak.

I did mange to get myself a first edition Mr Bliss & a good copy of The Father Christmas Letters, but if it's the LOTR books you are after... You'd be lucky!! Oh yes - there are quite a few listed, but unless you are willing to pay between 500 quid (for the more recent ones) and 5 thousand quid (For the first editions etc) - Believe me - no exageration! But, again, this is all more likely to do with the story's recent on screen success! 5 years ago....? Who knows what we could have got them for?!?!

To get to a point... (I've been known to jabber on a bit!) - I would try ebay... Carry on at those boot sales.... & good luck! If there is anything particular you are after & want some friendly help (again - I'm no expert, but will gladly help you drudge through all that mess to find something!) - Give me a hollor!

Enjoy PT - & take care xxx
How can you tell if it is a first edition?
the one i was asking about says
first published in this edition 1964

there was also a later edition in the library which showed all the re-prints that had been done and they were all after 1964. Some books might actually say 'First Edition', but that's normally for show, like in the new harry potter books. it's not normally done, i think.

If anyone knows about rarity of this particular edition i'd still appreciate any info Big Smile Smilie
Tree and Leaf was first published in 1964... not really scarce or rare... but prizes are rizing high these days.

Book Description:
1964. FIRST EDITION. TOLKIEN, J.R.R. Tree and Leaf. London: George Allen & Unwin. Small octavo, original green cloth, original dust jacket. Worth around $500 in fine/fine condition.

First collected edition of Tolkien's renowned essay "On Fairy-stories" together with his 1947 fairy tale, "Leaf by Niggle." Tolkien originally composed the essay "On Fairy-stories" as a lecture that he delivered in 1938; it first appeared in the now-scarce collection Essays presented to Charles Williams, by the Oxford University Press in 1947. Tolkien wrote the story "Leaf by Niggle" sometime during 1938-39-"when The Lord of the Rings was beginning to unroll itself"-though he did not publish it until 1947, when it appeared in the Dublin Review.

Hope you are not going to steal the book now... just treasure it and read it!! Cheers. B.
If anyone is interested, most, if not all, of the manuscripts were purchased by Marqutte, and reside there, in Milwaukee, because Tolkien wanted them to go to a Catholic university.