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Aiya. I was wondering if anyone knew much about the witches of Cara-dun. I have always been kind of curious of them, but never known anything about them.
I have NEVER heard of the Witches of Cara-dun. I just checked Encyclopaedia of Arda, and they don't have it. Where on earth did you find that? I'm sure some really brainy person will find this thread soon and help us out.
I thought I left a reply here shortly after the question had been asked, but it seems it did not get posted for some reason.

I have not heard of these witches but thought there may have been some confusion, or play on words, with the Witchking of Angmar, whose capitol in the North was Carn Dum.
Maybe it is another of those unnecessary or errant word translations that Tolkien was so insensed about in his letters. He was very put out about the Dutch and Sweedish translations.
Yes, the Dutch translation is indeed horrible... Never heard of the Witches of Cara-Dun though...
He was very put out about the Dutch and Sweedish translations.

Well from the examples Aul’ has given me from the Swedish translation... what can I say? It is awful! No soul. Shame on them! SHAME! Lighening Smilie The Norwegian translation is great. Yey to NIls Ivar Ag’y! Smile Smilie
Soo... Are we agreed that the Witches of Cara-dun are actually the Witch-king of Carn Dum?
It's either the Witch-King of Carn-D’m/Angmar, or the Witches of Eastwick.
LOL wonder wot Tolkien would have thought of The witch king of Angmar,first among the nine, to be mistaken witht he witches of Eastwick