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Do any of you guys who no everything about the Lord of the Rings movies no if their making a movie of farmer giles of ham?
I can't see it being made using actors, but if it was animated and kept the flavor of the book's wonderful illustrations, I think it would work. Half the charm, to me anyway, was in those illustrations.

Does anyone know if those illustrations were Tolkien's original work, or if they were added later by his publisher and if so, who did draw them? I have only read the story in the Ballantine paperback version of The Tolkien Reader.
I believe the original illustrations were done by Pauline Baynes. I read someplace that Tolkien has chosen her to illustrate his books, as did C S Lewis. I don't have Carpenter's biography of Tolkien with me but that is probably where I read about Pauline Baynes.
Waaa! I have a copy of Farmer Giles of Ham, but it doesn't have the illustrations! I doubt it'll be made into a movie, but it would be lovely to be seen it done.
I believe the original illustrations were done by Pauline Baynes.
In The Tolkien Reader, she is given credit for the illustrations in The Adventure of Tom Bombadil, but not those in Farmer Giles of Ham. This leads me to think they might be by the author himself.