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what am i supposed to do with the mithril? Angel Smilie
You spend it when you send a private message to someone. It costs more if the weather is worse and less if it's better. You can also spend 400 mithril (I think) if you want to change your location.
thanx i am kinda new at this so thank you
Hi Ninaveh
If you click where it says Help under You Account over...
<---- there, you will find the answer to just about every part of this site. Try for example to click M for Mithril. A lot of nice info there. Smile Smilie
Or you can gather all you want to and become a Scrooge and never spend any of it.

By the way, this is the wrong place to ask such a question. You are in the "Books" section and at this place you discss stuff pertaining to the books written my Tolkien. Such a question shuld have been asked in the "Website Help" section or the "Website General Discussion" section. Please bear in mind to ask/post stuff in the relevant sections only and not anywhere else. Thank you and welcome!
Tsk tsk LA86, only I am entitled to chase away newbies ! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Really Miruvor? And since when were you to have the monopoly? I am entitled to equal rights to scare away the newbies too. And if you try to monopolise it again, I'm gonna sue you.
As Ninaveh's question has been answered; that this thread is website related rather than book related; and rather than letting the subsequent pseudo-argument preceed any further, I'm going to lock the thread. If anyone has any heartburn with this they may PM me. Orc Grinning Smilie