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Caudimordax posted Tuesday 30th May 2006 (08:31am) the following under Farmer Giles of Ham, which I have moved here.
I still yet have to read Smith of Wootton, is it any good?

I thought it was a quaint fairy tale about a young man named Smith (or maybe he became the local smith); anyway his life was changed by an encounter with Fa’rie, but as I haven't read the story for a while, I'll try to dig out my copy and start reading it again tonight. Stay tuned for a followup after I've reread it.

Anyone else who has read it, feel free to comment.
I've seen Farmer Giles of Ham in my library, but not Smith of Wooton Major. I'll have to go widen my library search.

I think I recently loaned my copy of the book with Smith of Wooton Major to my foot surgeon; he has been loaning me his volumes of WoT.
To me, Smith or Wooten Major is truly the most enchanting, the MOST faerie of all the stories JRR ever wrote. And to me, the most blatantly Catholic and religious. It is very very deep and yet extremely simple.
I'd need to reread it, as it's been a while, but I remember loving the story. And something about a little silver star...
Yes that little silver star, a profound gift and all that came with it. And there is a scene in it that is so profound, it gave me shivers. Unless one is Catholic though they might miss certain things, or perhaps it is written so that those certain things will mean something different and still be as amazing to those who see through different eyes. I am not sure.