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1.What is it?
2.Why cant i find one in finland?
HOME = History Of Middle Earth. It comes in 12 seperate volumes or 3 larger ones.

It is basically Chrisopher Tolkien scraping together all the notes and letters and work of his father that was not published and putting it all together in sperate books. Like expansion packs I suppose to the existing works.
Why cant i find one in finland?

Because you haven't been looking thoroughly enough?
Unless you are lost in Finland and can't find your way to it............
2.Why cant i find one in finland?
Probably because it hasn't been translated to Finish and there aren't enough Tolkien fans that visit your local bookshops for the owners to stock them. If you really want a copy of one or more of the twelve volumes in the series, you could ask a local book shop to order one for you. Many of them are better for reference than for straight reading, others are for good reading. I only have a few of them.

Please look through the threads under The History of for more info.
Even in Canada I can't find a bookstore that has all twelve volumes of HoME. You really have to look in many bookstores if you want the whole pack. But the price of these books are really expensive, so I wouldn't recommend buying all of them.
Tell you what Arath if you give me your email address I can send all the HOME volume to you in the 'electronic book' format.
I have just sent you the email Arath. You now have all 12 books of the HOME series.
To be honest, I prefer to read it from a book than stare at a computer screen.......... especially if it's a complete series, one mustn't stare at a computer screen too much, as the saying goes, "it'll screw up your eyes" Teacher Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
You could print them off.

However they are really just to find quotes.
I have "The History of Middle-Earth", the full volumes 1-8, and the first section of the 9, Sauron Defeated, entitled The End of the Third Age. And I've completely read each one, from front to back and everything between.
try buying it online
Moderator Smilie Unless Lord of All just sent a list of the titles, both he and Aerath must now look over their shoulders watching for the copyright police.
Police Smilie Disseminating copyrighten text is against the laws of most nations. Police Smilie
No E-books are the entire books in computerised form. E-books are completely allowed. I have merely given copies of the books in electronic form to someone else. I have not displayed it on the internet or anything, thus they are are breaching any copyright laws etc.
Could you take a look to the other thread about Adventures of Tom Bombadil.
Even so, but for someone to print out the "e-books", it would cost more in paper to print than actually going to buy them in the store............
As far as I know the HOME volume is pretty expesive from what I have heard. 2000 peices of paper and a full ink cartridge would do the job.
Well, go for it then, but when a friend or someone wants to borrow them from me, I can just give them the books, and not say "hey take this big ole load of paper, don't worry, as long as you don't fall over and drop them, you'll be alright...... oh dear you've dropped them, and they are not even numbered".................
Two points:

1. your first solution is great when you actually know the person. But how could you lend your books to someone who you didn't know and didn't know where they lived? This way I can allow a complete stranger, even if he be in Australia, to have the books for ’0.00.

2. The pages are already numbered.
Dude, can't you see the sarcasm.........Elf Confused Smilie

or is it that only Vir can do that..........
People who only come to this site to look for an argument, usually don't.

Anyway, I think more than enough has already been said on this matter, so I shall lock this topic. We wouldn't want to attract the attention of the sharks/attorneys of Tolkien Enterprises even more now, would we?