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.....................................................what is it??????????????????????????????????????

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Did you really need to use 5 lines of dots to ask that question? It created a very long 'sentence' which messed up the page. Three dots (...) would have been more than enough.

ROTK = Return Of The King, the third book in the LOTR (Lord of the Rings) trillogy. The other two are Fellowship of the Ring (FOTR) and Two Towers (TT).
I thought the page was messed up. I thought it was an error with the site.
I know! I couldn't figure out why the page looked so weird!
The page formatting goes crazy whenever we make a line of text too long without any spaces in it. The only time we can get away with it is when we type an extra long URL when making a link using the world icon from above the input box.

Feel free to try it as long as you edit your post to break up the your line of text before you leave the thread, else you will feel the wrath of the evil moderator. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie