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Is it possible to still obtain a new edition of the 2002 Harper Collins' three volume, hardcover set of Christopher's The History of Middle Earth? I would prefer the slipcase edition, but the individual volumes are just as well. Can anyone provide me with a link or contact information to a viable source? Thank you.

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I'm also interested in the Index produced by Harper Collins, of the same year, in paperback.

I might as well get it over with and also ask whether the special signed edition of The Children of Hurin can be purchased in the United States. Even though it is 647 dollars, I am interested in it as a possible purchase in the near future.
It is pertinent that I mention that I am working out of the U.S., as mentioned above, and U.K. vendors might be unwilling to ship to the US, because of distribution rights.
I don't know about the any available signed copies of CoH, but the multi-volume editions of HOME were available in the US at last time I looked, and if not from them, then through their affiliates.

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