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I get catalogs from an overstock bookseller called Daedalus Books and the catalog that just came out lists The Children of Hurin on sale for US$6 plus change. Its a good price so I wanted to pass along the information in case someone was still wanting a copy.
I'll have a little look-see after posting this... I already have The Children of H’rin, but they might have something else Orc Smiling Smilie Thanks Sian Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Welcome, Loss! Good to see your avatar again Smile Smilie

This bookseller has lots of unusual and interesting stuff, I always enjoy looking at their catalogs.
That is a great price. Travis paid a small fortune for mine when it first came out here in Canada. Thanks Chickie for the information.

What is this, this is the second thread in five minutes that I am on with Loss. Am I dreaming and how cool to see your avy. I hated you not having one. If I may be so bold as to enquire, what happened, you know , with you being king of the avies and all. I would not even have one still were it not for you Loss., Somehow when I here that name I think of a Dick Francis book.
From what I could gather, the system of the site wasn't accepting new images to be uploaded, errors would fly our way eachtime we would try to upload one... Ama tried to see if she could do something, but lost her own avy at the same time... It was down to Grep to fix whatever the error/problem was and we have them back, along with our tags Wiggle Smilie

Oh, you do know how to flatter your king Leelee...Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie... Do not dispair, I'm still around for avatar help, but Ama is going without a title, as she is quite nifty with avy/photoshop projects also... I shouldn't be without a Queen, though maybe Goddess is more fitting as she is often called around these parts Orc Smiling Smilie

If you do need avatar help, just send the picture/image to Wiggle Smilie
The paperback edition of COH is being issue this month. See The Children of Hurin Paperback Release.