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'HarperCollins is to publish a new book by the late Lord of the Rings author J.R.R.Tolkien. The Legend of Sigurd and Gudr’n, edited and introduced by Tolkien’s son Christopher, will be published as hardback in May 2009.'

Sigurd and Gudr’n

I can't believe what im seeing O_O
What a lovely surprise! Big Smile Smilie
That one I might buy; I haven't read the story since my Uni days when I took a course in 'Medieval Romances' way back in 1959. And the closest I've come to Wagner's Ring Cycle is to input The Ride of the Valkyries in stereo on my still working Commodore 128/64, which I have decided to listen to now, having ported it over to my PC for playback using Sidplay2/w from
How exactly will JRRT's story differ from what's already in the literature? The story is already well-known.
I sincerely hope this will be published in finland aswell...
Then again i believe i could understand something even if it doesn't get translated Smile Smilie

I just bought a copy of this book! 


**ok, disappearing back into the woodwork now, as apparently everyone here is wont to do**