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I'm looking for a copy of the original Pauline Baynes illustrations of Farmer Giles of Ham. I grew up with my father's old edition of it, which is sadly lost to the mists of time now. The only edition I can find in bookstores has new, inferior in my opinion, illustrations. I can find collector's editions on Amazon, but they're 100 pounds, and I can't shell that out. Does anyone know where I can find an inexpensive copy with the original illustrations, or even just a collection of her illustrations that includes the Farmer Giles of Ham pictures? Thanks!
My copy of "The Tolkien Reader" (See this description on the Random House / Del Rey website) has what looks like Pauline Baynes line illustrations in the Farmer Giles of Ham chapters. However, I can't find any mention of her name in the book and no guarantee that they are the originals you speak of. It cost me $7.99 at a local Borders bookstore (I live just outside of Los Angeles).
We discussed the topic of who made the illustrations within Farmer Giles of Ham in the threads Farmer Giles of Ham and Tolkien the Illustrator where we assumed they were also done by Pauline Baynes who did many of the illustrations in the Professor's books.

The editions of The Tolkien Reader I own, and the only ones I have ever seen containing the story, are in the 1970 Ballantine paperback edition and the current Del Rey (Ballantine) edition, with the Professor's "weird hair" on the cover as shown in the link in Elanorraine's above post. Both my copies have the same illustrations. I have never seen this story in a hard cover edition, let alone a first edition.

Galin may have more definitive knowledge on this topic?
Perhaps this may be what you want?

I typed "Farmer Giles of Ham" into the search engine (not the .uk one, though). There are plenty of used editions up for sale - including 2 that (without pictures) claim to be 1st edition (US) hardback copies in "Acceptable" condition, former library copies. They were going between USD $15.00 and $30.00.